WATCH: Battle Rapper Attempts to Poop on Stage

Over the weekend at the battle rap event Duel in the Desert in Phoenix, the ever controversial Daylyt decided to take the typical rap line “I’m the sh**” in the literal sense.

Daylyt emerged from his dressing room, with a cloak over his head, before going head to head with rapper Real Deal. The Phoenix crowd, however, were not fans of the usual Daylyt antics and began to boo him early on. Eventually, Daylyt had enough and said, “If I hear two more boos, I’ma boo boo on stage.” The crowd booed in response, prompting this:

And then he was escorted outside and locked out:

This is not the first time Daylyt has been surrounded by controversy. He stripped naked to a loin cloth in a battle in July, may or may not have eaten feces at another battle, made fun of Robin William’s suicide, and has made sexual comments about P. Diddy.