FunCakes Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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FunCakes, a one-of-a-kind cake rental company, faces the Shark Tank on October 10.

Heavy interviewed Kimberly Aya, founder of the company, about her beginnings and experience on the reality show.

1. The Idea Came From Brides


Aya, a professional baker for 20 years, started the company in 2007. She dished on the demand she received from brides, who welcomed her unique product.

“At my first bridal show, 99 percent of the brides asked to use my display cakes for their wedding and use sheet cakes for their guests. With so much interest from the brides I decided to give it a try … So it was the brides’ idea and I listened,” she explained.

When asked what the craziest cakes she ever made were, she answered:

I have made a lot of interesting cakes but I would say the green Peacock cake shown on Shark Tank was the most interesting . Craziest would be the one I made for Sterling Jewelry at a function in Walt Disney, it was wider than tall.

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2. The Cakes Are Made of Fondant & Gumpaste

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The outside of the cake, like a true wedding cake, consist of fondant and gumpaste.

The difference with FunCakes is that the inside is made of styrofoam. In fact, it was Aya’s husband who started constructing them.

In the back, the cake has a section on the bottom tier, and the real cake is placed in there.

That way, brides and grooms can still uphold the tradition of cutting it, feeding each other, and posing beside it for pictures.

3. Kimberly Watched the Show Every Friday

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Aya was a committed Shark Tank viewer, and explained how her appearance came about:

I love the show and have watched it every Friday for 5 years . Last year we got a order with MAC cosmetics and had to make 350 cakes in 3 weeks, it was such fun and I figured we were ready for Shark Tank . I sent Shark Tank the application and a Shark Tank cake. They called me 2 hours after the delivery and we were told we made it to the next level.

Her fondness for the show must have prepared her for the big day, because she explained that she was not nervous.

“When watching the show , I felt the entrepreneurs must be so nervous when the doors open up and they walk towards the sharks but the team at Shark Tank works amazingly with you , so you are ready and not nervous but excited,” she said.

4. They Fit Most Budgets

NBC Today Show Cake RentalHow to rent fake cakes with edible section, presented by NBC's Today Show. Cakes are provided by FunCakes Rental Corp. has a patent pending on the process of renting cakes and having an edible section. These cakes are styrofoam covered with edible fondant. They look like real and expensive but for a budget price.2011-04-22T20:41:40.000Z

The cakes range in price from $100 to $1000.

In fact, the Today Show featured the sweet creations in the segment above, focusing on their affordability.

The wide range of delectable options, including 4 Layers of Bling and Elegant Lace are found on their website.

5. They Made the Cake in ‘The Hangover’

Besides being featured on screen, Aya also caters to corporations, and has made cakes for Macy’s, Budweiser, Lincoln Financial Group, Sterling Jewelry, and the Boys & Girls Club.

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