Heart Pup Dog Slings Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Heart Pup debuts its dog sling on October 3rd’s Shark Tank.

Here’s what you need to know about their products especially designed for dog lovers.

1. It’s Best Known for Its Scarves/Slings for Small Dogs

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Anastasia Heart created the popular fashion-forward sling that fits little dogs comfortably inside.

The scarves are made out of cashmere, and some of the more expensive ones are sold for over $200.

The company also makes stud collars, cross body leashes, and dog harness shirts.

2. They’re on Etsy

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They have an Etsy shop featuring pages of their products.

On the popular e-commerce site, it received a five-star rating. One said, “The perfect accessory to carry my pup! It is comfortable for both myself and the dog, the quality is excellent and the service along the way is great. We love it!”

3. Dogs Love It

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Watch the video above where a small dog is placed in the sling, and doesn’t seemed to be bothered at all. The demo also shows that the sling rests comfortably on the owner’s shoulder.

4. It’s a Fashion Accessory

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The company seems to be aiming at fashionistas, as evidenced by their appearance in Glamour magazine.

On its site, it says that Heart wanted a product that “wouldn’t ruin her outfit and would be comfortable for both her and her pup.”

5. Celebs Use Them

The company’s Twitter handle boasted this picture of True Blood actress Natalie Hall posing with their creation.

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