Heather Bilyeu & Josh Altman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu are a staple couple on Bravo’s reality series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. We’ve watched them for several seasons, from the time they first got together to getting engaged. Lately, we’ve seen them on the show struggling through relationship issues and dealing with the stress of planning a wedding. Read on for the facts on the break up rumors, their careers, their views on having kids, and the proposal.

1. The Couple Called Off Their Wedding

Throughout the season on Million Dollar Listing LA, we’ve seen some ups and downs in Altman and Bilyeu’s relationship, especially when Altman’s brother is concerned. In the above clip from the show’s finale episode, you can see some of the issues the couple was having.

One of the biggest problems Bilyeu and Altman were having was planning their wedding. The two eventually decided to postpone their July 2014 wedding, which led to a lot of speculation that the two of them had broken up. Despite the rumors, the couple stands firm that they are in love and want to focus on what’s right for them. The two originally said that because they met on the show, they wanted to get married on the show, but they said the wedding became more about the show and less about them.

2. They Met Through Former Cast-Mate Madison Hildebrand


Heather used to work for former cast-mate Madison Hildebrand, who actually appears on an episode this season. The two were pretty much best friends, but Heather wanted to expand her expertise and gain more clients. She was hoping to grow with Madison, but he wasn’t ready for her to have more territory. This resulted in her leaving his company and went elsewhere, with the help of now fiance Josh Altman. At a gathering, Heather meets Altman, who Hildebrand actually hated. The two hit it off and began to date and this ultimately caused a large rift in Heather’s friendship with Madison Hildebrand.

3. Kids Are in Their Near Future

Bilyeu and Altman absolutely want to have children together. Bilyeu told Bravo:

We definitely want to start a family. We both have great families. So that’s the reason why we want to have big families. We have a lot of fun and we love when everyone comes and visits. Josh wants five, maybe six kids, because he’d like to have a full soccer team. Me on the other hand, I think maybe three max.

So, when will all this baby-making be happening? Bilyeu explains:

I think it would be nice to enjoy marriage first,” Heather says, “and then maybe in the next year or two start working on a family.

4. Altman Proposed to Bilyeu on Million Dollar Listing New York

Last season on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Altman proposed to girlfriend Heather Bilyeu with an amazing ring that he had designed for her. What Bilyeu didn’t know was that all their friends and family were in the downstairs of the house they were at, making for an impromptu engagement party. Good thing she said yes, right? Check out the proposal in the above video and a photo of the engagement ring below.

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5. They Mix Business With Pleasure

For a while, Bilyeu was working for Altman’s former boss Mauricio Umansky. We’ve seen him on Million Dollar Listing in addition to being the husband of Kyle Richards on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bilyeu moved on to other ventures and eventually started working under The Altman Brothers. In order to stay out of each other’s way, Bilyeu works mainly at her home office, while fiance Altman works more in the field. This season we got to see Bilyeu and Altman go head-to-head in negotiations on a house and things got pretty brutal. Bilyeu is a tough woman. She’s amassed an estimated net worth of $500,000, while Altman’s estimated wealth is $8 million.

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