John Rocker Eliminated on ‘Survivor’

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On tonight’s episode of Survivor John Rocker was sent home. Wes Nale won the first challenge against his father Keith. As a result, Wes chose Josh Canfield to accompany his father to Exile Island. When contestant Jeremy realizes that his wife has been eliminated, he becomes angry and warns the women in the game that the men seem to have an alliance, so they should watch their backs. John Rocker apologizes to Jeremy and says that he tried to fight for Val, which is a lie.

While Keith and Josh are on exile island, they dined on snails. The others, however, feasted on catfish after John was able to wrangle some fish for dinner. Nonetheless, some of the women think John should be sent home because of his attitude and temper.

As far as the immunity challenge, the team who took the win was … Hunahpu. Despite their win, they waged a verbal war against John Rocker (especially Natalie) because of his racist and homophobic words in the past in addition to the lying he’s been doing in the game. John kept his cool … for a while … and then told Natalie that if she were a man, he’d knock her teeth out.

John tries to get the girls to voted off Dale to distract them from his wanting to vote off Baylor. Josh is onto John’s lies and starts to question his alliance with him. Josh talks to Wes and Baylor and they decide that they want to vote off John. John thinks he’s set, but decides to bring his immunity idol with him just in case. Meanwhile, the others don’t think John will be bringing his idol to use. In the end, John didn’t use his idol.

When it came down to it, the person going home was John Rocker.

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