Ken Marino, ‘Marry Me’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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You know Ken Marino from playing the antagonizing stepfather in Role Models or the pompous bachelor in Burning Love, to name a few.

When explaining his new role, the Daily Beast used the headline, “Marry Me Proves Ken Marino Is More Than Just an Asshole.”

This is because the comedic actor is usually cast as the jerk. That all changes tonight as the premiere of Marry Me airs.

Here’s what you need to know about the 45-year-old.

1. His New Character Wanted to Put a Ring on It

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On Marry Me, Marino plays Jake, who has been dating Annie (Casey Wilson) for six years.
When he goes to propose, his girlfriend, who assumes he isn’t, ruins it by ranting and raving.

The Daily Beast praised his performance, saying that Marino is a “longtime scene-stealing character actor who is proving his worth here as a leading man.”

Casey’s real life husband, David Caspe, created the show.

When asked who he follows on Twitter, Marino told AdWeek that Wilson is one of those people. “…so when I go into the hair and makeup trailer, I can act like I know exactly what’s going on in her life. She’s always impressed by that,” he said.

2. He’s Married to a Writer

Ken Marino & Erica Oyama Backstage Interview 2 – Streamy Awards Ken Marino & Erica Oyama is interviewed backstage at the Streamy Awards 2013. The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards was hosted by Chris Hardwick and featured performances from Boyce Avenue and Soulja Boy. As well a collaborative performance by Vanilla Ice, Chester See, Epic Rap Battles, Mike Tompson and another by Shontelle, Kurt Hugo Schneider,…2013-02-18T09:05:12.000Z

Erica Oyama has been married to the actor since 2005. The pair writes scripts together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal bought their film Me Time about a female road trip.

They are also working on Go the F— to Sleep, Return of the Jock.

She explained how they met in an interview with Rolling Stone:

We met at the very first Jimmy Kimmel Live [in 2003]. It was on Super Bowl Sunday and it was kind of a big party. Coldplay was playing and Ken and I were both there. We hadn’t really planned on being there, but we were just having beers and we met. . . We started dating three days later.

3. He Was ‘The Bachelor’ in a Parody Show

Burning Love Official TrailerPremiering June 4th on Yahoo!

In E!’s Burning Love he was leading man Mike Orlando, a parody of the man who is chosen to be The Bachelor.

Marino and his wife watched The Bachelor regularly. “I want to say we watch it ironically, but I don’t know at this point,” he told EW.

Omaya wrote the show and to research, the couple watched more than they had to.
She explained, “Hours and hours. Every episode is two hours long, sometimes three. It’s so unnecessary. It’s like you’re watching Titanic, but not much happens.”

4. He Plays Jerks…A Lot

Ken Marino: I Have A Little Bit Of A Dick Inside Me – CONAN on TBSKen Marino was a real natural playing a dick in "Wanderlust" because of the little dick inside of him in real life.2012-02-29T18:57:08.000Z

“I have a little bit of a d**k inside me… Not literally,” he told Conan in the interview clip above. With Marry Me, Marino is finally playing a likable character, and he told the Daily Beast it’s a change he welcomes.

“Lately, certainly in Role Models and Wanderlust and even Children’s Hospital and Burning Love, a lot of the things I’ve played have been the a**hole, or the dimwitted a**hole, or the narcissistic a**hole. So it’s nice to take a break from that for a second and show a different side of me, or create a different character who doesn’t rely on just being a prick. You don’t have to be an asshole to be funny. Though it does come easy,” he said.

5. He Was on ‘Dawson’s Creek’

VideoVideo related to ken marino, ‘marry me’: 5 fast facts you need to know2014-10-14T15:03:00-04:00

On the popular ’90s drama, he played Katie Holmes’ literature professor who falls for her. Watch their on-screen romance unfold in the clip above.

Explaining his run on the show, he told A.V Club:

I think it was season five, and I think they went six or seven seasons. I’m not sure. Something like that. But yeah, I actually did most of my scenes with Katie Holmes. I don’t think I had any scenes with Van Der Beek. There might have been one. But we had a romance. I was her junior professor and she was a new student at the school. And I know I quoted a lot of Flaubert and spoke in long paragraphs.

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