Kevin Gillespie Wins ‘Top Chef Duels’

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Top Chef‘s Kevin Gillespie took on veteran Art Smith tonight on Top Chef Duels, preparing meals for the cast of Grey’s Anatomy and he won. As part one of his first challenge for Smith, Gillespie wants to use pork and wants Smith to do some butchering. Bravo TV gives the rundown:

First, Kevin puts Art through hog hell, challenging him to butcher and then prepare a dish with porcine. Then, Art throws down the gauntlet to Kevin to a critter fry. When the cast of Grey’s Anatomy sits down for dinner, they get just what the doctor ordered. Kevin and Art prove either way that the South will rise again.

Gillespie picked pork for his challenge because he just wrote a book on pork and he just loves it, so if he lost that part of the challenge, it wouldn’t look to good for him … And, the winner of that challenge and $10,000 was fortunately Kevin, 2 to 1.

As far as Smith’s challenge, he wants Gillespie to accomplish a “critter fryer” dish. So, who took the win with this one? Art won it 2 to 1 and he’s giving the money he wins to a children’s charity.

Ultimately, it was Kevin Gillespie who won and will move on to the finale.

On October 15, 2014 a brand new season of Top Chef begins, filmed in Boston. Check out all the contestants in the below gallery.

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