Ninja Cards Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ninja Cards, a card throwing game started by coworkers Ken Haton and Dustin Berk, entered the Shark Tank on October 3, 2014.

Heavy spoke to Haton to get an inside look at their company. Here are the details we got about the unique game.

1. It Started From Throwing Cards at Bottles

The idea came from the men spending lots of time in hotels and amassing many room key cards.

Haton explained, “We would spend so much time in hotel rooms that we eventually had a huge collection of hotel key cards. One night we decided to make a game throwing these cards at bottles and cans and the idea stemmed from there.”

2. They Were Prepared to Face the Sharks

card throwing shark tank


They decided to make an audition tape for Shark Tank after their collaboration with another company didn’t work out.

“No matter the turn out we knew this was going to be the biggest moment in our careers up until this point so we rehearsed our pitch over and over again,” Haton said.

The men estimate that they rehearsed their speech up to 1,000 times.

Haton said,
“We would just be having a normal conversation with each other and and then one of us would bust out our pitch out of nowhere. Dustin and I probably said that pitch to each other over a thousand times.”

As far as nerves goes, because they were ready, their fears quickly melted away.

“I was nervous up until the point the first few words came out of my mouth, and once I got in the rhythm that all faded away,” Haton said. “Dustin was nervous when we were rehearsing but once we got on set he was pretty cool the whole way through.”

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3. They Hold Master Tournaments

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The Ninja Card Master Tournament has been the founders’ dream right from the start. They started the competitions locally and foresee them becoming a national phenomenon.

“We’ve held a few locally in Orange County, CA but essentially we want to hold card throwing tournaments all over the country and test competitors accuracy and speed in a series of card throwing challenges,” Haton said.

He continued to explain their purpose:

The main focus is to bring the elite throwers all to one place to compete and answer one question… who is the best card thrower in the world? We also have team competitions where competitors wear our custom Ninja Cards Armor, imagine dodgeball combined with card throwing. Cards are thrown into opposing players body targets, and the object is to throw your cards past a goalie in front of a huge Ninja Card Board. People have been throwing cards for centuries, it’s time we finally have a tournament for it.

4. There Are Certain Throwing Techniques

Ninja Cards on Shark Tank- Card Throwing Techniques with "The Butcher"As seen on Shark Tank! This is a Ninja Cards video tutorial, Ken "The Butcher" is going to show you 3 different techniques of card throwing. Be sure to hashtag us with #ninjacards on our social media below with videos of you playing our game or throwing cards for a chance to win CASH prizes!…2014-09-29T18:10:18.000Z

Watch the tutorial above, where Ken, who calls himself “The Butcher” shows us three throwing techniques.

5. It’s About Community

shark tank products


Haton wants to build a sense of community through card throwing.

“Ninja Cards is more than just a game, it’s about community. We feel our game is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s about to come. That’s why our future plans involve holding tournaments, to bring fanatics of card throwing together. We know the community can help us build this game into what we all want it to be,” Haton said.

Interested in Ninja Cards? Buy them here.

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