Paper Box Pilots Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Paper Box Pilots face the Shark Tank on October 10.

The business sells stickers that let kids transform a cardboard box into a race car, fire engine, or airplane.

Heavy interviewed Brian Cahoon, who refers to himself as the D.A.D., who appeared on the reality show with his sons, Noah and Milo.

1. There’s a 13-Year-Old CEO

Paper Box Pilots Cardboard Airplane Paper Box Pilots makes heavy duty sticker sheets and cardboard airplane tutorials so kids can effectively turn boxes into play airplanes. For a child there truly is nothing more fun than an empty cardboard box, and the sticker kits help their imagination soar as they build their own realistic airplanes. The company's CEO and…2014-03-22T22:06:26.000Z

Cahoon’s son Noah works at the company in a big way.

“We truly treat him as the CEO. He is involved in every major meeting, big decision, sales call, and vendor visit. We do lots of ‘field trips.’ He’s even had a first business trip where he spent three days at a toy trade show in Las Vegas,” his father explained.

Noah’s supportive dad also discussed his son’s already impressive resume, which now includes pitching to the sharks.

“How many 13 year olds have a CEO title on their resume? Nobody will be able to take that away. And now, he’ll be able to add that he pitched his business to a board of angel investors,” he gushed.

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2. The Kits Include Everything But the Box

shark tank products, shark tank october 10

The kits, which cost $7.99, include two to three heavy cardstock sticker sheets, and a DIY guide explaining how to transform a box into a toy vehicle.

Cutouts like a fireman hat or a race car steering wheel are also included.

3. Moms Love It

shark tank products

Mothers embrace the fact that it is a creative activity that is not technology-based.

“Moms love it. We all use the iPad as the babysitter way too much. Moms are looking for creative and imaginative activities, that don’t require batteries or wifi, that will engage their kids,” Cahoon said.

“Our favorite is when moms send us pics of their kids vehicles on Facebook or Instagram,” he added.

4. The Kids Watched the Show Before They Were On

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Cahoon said, “Milo, who is 6, will watch intently and try to guess who’s going to go out first. Milo was super excited to go out there and interact with the sharks.”

When asked if the family was apprehensive to face the investors, he said,

“We weren’t too nervous because we really had nothing to lose. We considered this business a huge success even before Shark Tank.”

5. The Boys’ Sisters Are Getting Involved

shark tank october 10


As far as the future of the company goes, Cahoon told us that his daughters are working on a new product line.

“Noah’s two sisters are also working on some products that they think would appeal even more to girls,” he said.

Interested in Paper Box Pilots? Buy them here.

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