Patti Wilkinson, Kendra’s Mother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Patti Wilkinson is the mother of reality star Kendra Wilkinson. The two have a very rocky relationship and some of their issues play out on Kendra’s reality show Kendra On Top. Patti Wilkinson grew up a Jersey girl and was actually a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that Kendra’s husband Hank Baskett played for in his career. Patti and Kendra’s father Eric divorced in 1994 and Kendra hasn’t had much of a relationship with him, though he’s said to make an appearance on Kendra On Top. According to reports, Patti was not happy when she heard about that.

1. Patti and Kendra Are Currently Not Speaking

Over the summer, Patti and Kendra Wilkinson had a falling out where Patti said she felt “used” by her daughter. Patti told Star:

Those two are so caught up in the show. It’s all Kendra thinks about. It’s disgusting, especially when you are hurting your own mother. I’m there for you when you need me the most, and this is how you pay me back? … I can’t do this anymore. I love my kids more than anything, but when a television show becomes more important than your relationship with your mom, it’s time to realize that your priorities are messed up.

Prior to their reconciliation in June 2014, it was reported that they hadn’t spoken in months after a “heated phone conversation” in October 2013. Patti had talked to Radar Online about the phone call, saying:

She did tell me she hated me, she called me all kinds of names. She ended it with “I hope you die.” I wouldn’t tell my worst enemy I hope you die. Much less your mother.

2. Kendra Called her Mother for Help When her Husband’s Cheating Scandal Went Public

When the news of Kendra’s husband’s cheating allegations with a transsexual model came out, Kendra called upon her mother for help. It all happens on Kendra’s reality show Kendra On Top and we see Kendra tearfully call up Patti in her time of need. Patti traveled from her home in San Diego to be by her daughter’s side while Hank goes out of town for work.

Unfortunately, things eventually went sour for Patti and Kendra as Patti told Star Magazine:

After news of Hank’s affair broke, I was there for Kendra the second she needed me. I drove up to her place and got to spend time with my grandchildren. It felt like old times, but then things took a turn for the worse. She just stopped talking to me … Kendra and Hank are all about the ratings … Just days before, I was picking her up off the floor, and now she can’t even tell me that she’s going to see her father, who left us — not to mention that she went with a guy who just cheated on her with a tranny.

3. Patti Wasn’t Invited to Kendra’s Daughter’s Birth

On the premiere episode of Kendra On Top this season, we see the birth of Kendra’s second child, a daughter named Alijah Mary Baskett. Kendra’s daughter’s middle name was to honor her grandmother Mary, who visited Kendra in the hospital when Alijah was born. This was shown on the premiere episode of the show and Mary told Kendra that her other members should be there to share in the beautiful moment. Clearly, she meant Kendra’s mother.

4. Colin Wilkinson Is Patti’s Other Child

Though there haven’t really been reports of a rift between Kendra and her brother Colin, it appears as if this may be the case. Colin wasn’t present at Kendra’s daughter’s birth and mom Patti isn’t shy about posted countless tweets and Instagram photos dedicated to her love for her son.

5. Patti Got a Face Lift on Kendra’s Show Girls Next Door

When Kendra Wilkinson was Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and appeared on the reality show Girls Next Door, Hef treated her mother Patti to some plastic surgery. Patti got a face lift and recovered in style at the mansion. Kendra has been with husband Hank Baskett for about six years and, though they were married at the Playboy mansion, those days have been behind Kendra for a while, though she has attended events there over the years.

Even though her daughter left years ago, Patti still parties at the Playboy Mansion.




Patti was living vicariously through Kendra and was pissed that she left the Playboy Mansion and started a life with Hank. You know damn well it’s not about the show, you can’t control her and that just eats you up. You showed your true colors when you told her you can’t be happy for her when she was pregnant with her first child. That was unbelievably cruel and selfish! And you’re jealous that she has a relationship with her father. You emotionally torment her….

Janet Lee @ Zazzle (@Zazzlerette)

I think it’s so sad that Pattie thinks its all about her. Kendra has every right to have both of her parents in her life, and if Pattie doesn’t realize that, she will not only lose Kendra but her grand kids as well. Stop trying to control your daughter and the situation, it will be such a shame to have the kids have the grandparents they have. Hef and Her Dad will be the closest grandparents those kids have. At the end of the day Patty, she is not choosing sides, she is trying to repair a void in her life and its not about YOU, Love her unconditionally, that’s what parents do.

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