Reviver Clothing Swipes Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Reviver Clothing Swipes face the Shark Tank on October 10.

Heavy interview founder Ben Kusin to learn more about his company, appearance on the show, and future plans.

1. The Idea Came After a Smoke Break

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The concept originated after Ben took a cigarette break and didn’t want to to attend a meeting smelling like smoke.

“I was nervous before big meeting and stepped out to have a cigarette. I washed my hands and chewed some gum, but quickly realized my clothes smelled like smoke! I ran across the street to a 7-Eleven and asked if they had a product that could remove the smell of smoke from my clothes and hair. The guy said he didn’t think that product had been invented yet. That was the a-ha moment when Reviver was born,” he explained.

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2. A Team of Brothers Runs It

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The company was founded by Ben Kusin, and his brother Eric serves as President.

The men both studied business in college. Ben went to McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin and Eric earned his JD/MBA from University of Texas.

Before he began Reviver, Ben served as the Head of New Media and Strategic Alliances at Vivendi Games and also worked as a marketing executive at Electronic Arts.

Eric was a senior buyer at Neiman Marcus.

3. They Can Be Seductive

shark tank products

In the beginning, male and female fans alike were asking them for a product that was perfume or cologne-scented.

“They loved Reviver during the day, but wanted a product to take with them to the bar and club that would give them the extra spark to help them draw the attention of the opposite sex,” Ben said.

As a result, they incorporated “pheromones to ignite that primal instinct.”

The brothers now sell Spark for Her and Spark for Him.

4. They Were the 1st Pitch of Season 6’s Shoot

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The first person they caught a glimpse of was Shark Mark Cuban.

Ben explained, “We were standing at the end of the long hallway you walk down, and I could see Cuban jumping around in front of his chair yelling, ‘Come on baby! It’s Shark Tank time! Let’s do this!’ Its freaked us out a little bit.”

However, as they approached the investors, their fears melted away. “But we walked down that hallway and took our spots, we were cool as cucumbers, and all business from there,” Ben explained.

As far as casting goes, it was a four month process for them.

Ben said, “…it was super intense. We had to submit casting tapes, conduct interviews, etc… Even after you film the show, you don’t know if you will air until two weeks before the episode.”

5. They Hope to Expand to Europe

shark tank products


Ben described his ambitious future plans to us:

We are going to focus on getting Reviver into the right points of distribution in the US, then expand into European markets, and there has already been a lot of demand for our products. Later next year we will begin incorporating new technologies into the Swipes, which will open up a whole new paradigm from the company.

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