‘Slednecks’ MTV Cast Spoilers

Slednecks is a brand new reality series, following the antics of young people in the frozen north town of Wasilla, Alaska. The town Wasilla may sound familiar because it's home to the Palins and there was even a petition going around to cancel the show because some people were worried about the image it portrays. In any event, Slednecks is basically a Jersey Shore style show, but set in Alaska. So, what can we expect to see on the first episode? The NY Daily News writes about how the first episode starts off, saying: The love starts with Sierra and Kelly, who live together despite his heavy drinking. One evening, after more heavy drinking at a party, he asks Amber to get naked for him. Sierra kicks him out. They keep running into each other because Wasilla isn’t that big. He eventually asks Sierra to return his couch. She takes it to a quarry and blows it up, along with his clothes. As far as the plot of the show, MTV's bio on the reality series reads: Slednecks is a weekly half-hour, comedic docu-series, following a group of ‘outdoor tough' friends living in the rural town of Wasilla, Alaska. With mountains and rivers as their playground, these close friends make the most of what they have while always having a blast doing it. Polar Bear plunges, airboating on ice, glacier parties, river wakeboarding, and human catapulting are just some of the action-packed adventures these 'Sled-necks' get into, while also navigating dramatic friendships and relationships in the prime of their lives. So, what is a sled-neck exactly? If you look up the term in the urban dictionary, it defines the word as: A term used to define a person from a mountain state, no fucking flatlanders, that tears it up on a snowmobile. The cast is rather large, a bunch of twenty-something-year-olds letting loose on national television. Click through our gallery to get to know the cast and find out what may be in store for viewers this season ... Let's check out the first cast member ... Amber Stepp lives with Jackie, Zeke and Trevor. She's a bubbly girl who tries to maintain the peace in the group. (Twitter)