Kate Collins, Stephen’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stephen Collins Daughter Jessica Biel

Collins pictured with his daughter, Kate, in 2002, along side his TV daughter, Jessica Biel. (Getty)

Kate Collins is the only child of 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins and his estranged wife, Faye Grant. On October 7, TMZ leaked a video of Collins apparently admitting to child molestation.

Here’s what you need to know about Stephen Collins’ only child:

1. Stephen Collins Was 42 When His Only Daughter Was Born

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Stephen Collins and Faye Grant were married in April 1985 until May 2012 when Stephen Collins announced that he was filing for divorce.

Kate was born back in 1989 when her father was 42. She was to be the couple’s only child.

According to Kate’s Facebook page, she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2. Stephen Collins Said His Life Revolved Around His Daughter

Kate Collins Faye Grant Stephen Collins Family

Kate pictured with her mom and dad in 2006. (Getty)

In a 1999 interview with People Magazine, Stephen Collins said that his life revolved around his daughter, who was 9 then. The article went on to state that the family lived in a 5,000-square-foot estate in Brentwood, California. Stephen Collins added about how, around this time, he had stumbled into religion:

It just happened one day out of the blue. Just something inside me that said, go to church this weekend. I love this parish. I’ve never felt so involved at a parish before.

His wife, Faye Grant, also told People Magazine in the same interview that while she was pregnant, Collins would play guitar to their daughter, Grant says, “He was incredibly attentive.”

3. An Injury Ended Her Ballet Dancing Dreams

She was an aspiring ballet dancer, according to Stephen Collins who was talking to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Kate’s career prospects. In 2007, Kate suffered an injury that forced her to stop taking dancing so seriously. The above image was accompanied on Facebook with the caption, “Realized I’ll die in 5 mins if I don’t start doing this again.”

Stephen Collins added that he never pressurized his daughter into becoming an actor, he said:

I have mixed feelings about anybody wanting to become an actor. It’s a calling. To be an actor you sort of have to feel there is nothing else for you to do, and then you will stumble through it because there is no way to become an actor really. We all just have to forge our own thing.

4. She Was Involved in a Car Accident in 2009

In 2009, TMZ reported that Kate Collins involved in a car crash in Brentwood, California. The article says that Stephen Collins ran to be by her side after she had called him to ask about insurance. She wasn’t seriously hurt in the crash.

5. Her Mother Pretty Much Ended Her Acting Career When Kate Was Born

Kate Collins Faye Grant Daughter


According to Stephen Collins, Kate’s mother, Faye Grant, slowed down her acting career when the couple’s daughter was born. He told Broadway Buzz in 2008 that Grant didn’t make a “conscious decision” to slow down. Collins added:

She was such a strongly focused mom that with me working, she went through a period when she wasn’t pursuing work as much. And if it involved travel, she would just say no.

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