Faye Grant, Stephen Collins’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stephen Collins Wife Faye Grant


Faye Grant, the estranged wife of actor Stephen Collins, is at the center of shocking molestation allegations against the 7th Heaven star. In audio, leaked by TMZ, Collins appears to admit to child molestation while Grant questions him about his past behavior. The gossip site reports that it was Grant who secretly taped the conversation.

Collins and Grant were married in 1985. In 2012, Collins filed for divorce. They have one daughter, Kate.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She May Have Known About the Abuse Since 2000

TMZ is reporting that in 2000 a woman reached out to Grant to say she had been abused by Collins when she was a child. That victimsaid that when stayed at Collins and Grant’s NYC apartment, the 7th Heaven star would go into her room wearing only a towel. She said he would rub her and make her touch his penis.

After the therapy session in 2011 (audio above) where Collins admitted to abusing young children, Grant reached back out to the woman. Grant told the victim that Collins lied about the allegations in 2000. He blamed it on his “holey” jeans, saying the victim must have seen his genitalia by mistake. Grant further told the woman in an email:

Stephen is not remorseful, shows no guilt, and his shame is demonstrated as extreme self pity. He wails and cries, ‘I’m in so much paaaaaain!!!

2. Grant’s Father Was a Cop

Kate Collins Faye Grant Stephen Collins Family

The Collins family pictured in 2006. (Getty)

According to her bio at Film Reference, Grant grew up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. She was born Faye Elizabeth Yoye, with the name “Grant” coming from a street in St. Clair Shores.

Stephen Collins Faye Grant Red Carpet


On IMDB it says that Grant left home at 18 to hitchhike around Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. The page adds that her cop father wanted his daughter to be a lawyer.

While she lived in Michigan, she had been involved in theater. According to her LinkedIn page, she went to Macomb Community College in Michigan.

3. She Was an Accomplished Actress

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Beginning with her role in the TV series The Greatest American Hero. From there she went on to star in movies The January Man, Internal Affairs, Drive Me Crazy, and Omen IV: The Awakening.

In her later career, she was reduced to bit parts in TV series, though she did get a role in 7th Heaven alongside her husband.

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4. Grant Gave Up on Her Acting Career to Be a Mother

Kate Collins Faye Grant Daughter


According to Stephen Collins, Kate’s mother, Faye Grant, slowed down her acting career when the couple’s daughter was born. He told Broadway Buzz in 2008 that Grant didn’t make a “conscious decision” to slow down. Collins added:

She was such a strongly focused mom that with me working, she went through a period when she wasn’t pursuing work as much. And if it involved travel, she would just say no.

In March 2014, when news of Collins and Grant’s messy divorce was becoming public, TMZ reported that Granted wanted half of Collins’ wealth because she gave up on her career for their family.

5. Faye Grant Met Stephen Collins on Set

Kate Collins Faye Grant Daughter


According to an interview with Stephen Collins, Faye and the 7th Heaven star met while they were filming an episode of the series Tales of the Gold Monkey. The show aired in March 1983.

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