‘The 100’ Season 2 Spoilers: Premiere, Cast & Episodes Guide

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Tonight is the season 2 premiere of The 100 on The CW and there will be 16 episodes. The premiere episode is called “The 48” and it’s plot description reads: Clarke frantically tries to make sense of her surroundings; an enemy returns; Octavia and Lincoln’s daring plan turns out unexpectedly; Jaha comes to a decision. The second episode title is “Inclement Weather” and it’s storyline is: Clarke demands answers from President Dante Wallace; Abby must perform emergency surgery; Octavia is willing to do anything to locate Lincoln. As for the overall season, one change this season is that there are a lot more grown-ups. The Huffington Post writes:

The survival game has changed this season: More adults have arrived on the scene and they have their own ideas about how to impose “order” on the young people — and others — who are roaming the surprisingly picturesque post-apocalyptic territories. The grown-ups often think they know best, but more often than not, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) is not having any of it.

Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Abby (Paige Turco) are two new adults on the scene. Turco tells IGN:

I think just on a broader scope that just the rules and choices that we’re making in order to survive are very different than the Ark. In the third episode, my character says we don’t have to [follow those rules] down here. I think we’re in the process of figuring out how to [adapt] and what rules and where we go from here.

Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg tells The Huffington Post that the first few episodes almost re-establish the show, taking a whole different and darker turn.

We’re establishing new sets. Usually, in a Season 2, you go back to your same locations and same sets. This is totally new. We’ve got no Ark, for the most part. We’ve got Mount Weather, which we spent a ton of money on and it’s amazing. We’re going to live there for quite a bit of story … Mount Weather, the camp where the Ark fell — that’s our main ground set this year.

Rothenberg also reveals that there’s a huge development in Episode 5 and a storyline later in the season will blow viewers away. There will also be a good amount of new recurring characters. As far as the Abbey-Clarke reunion, Rothenberg states:

We did a flashback of them together in Episode 3 [in the first season], but [actors Paige Turco, who plays Clarke’s mother, Abby, and Eliza Taylor] have not worked together since then.

When it comes to Clarke, Taylor tells IGN:

It seems too good to be true. She’s heard so many things from the Grounders and their main fear is these Mountain Men. Now that she’s inside, nothing adds up. So there must be more to the story and she’s just desperately trying to figure that out by screwing things up all the time. She’s constantly trying to escape and sneak into secret rooms.