‘The Big Bang Theory’ — ‘The Hook-Up Reverberation’ Episode Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

The Hook-Up Reverberation


The Big Bang Theory welcomes Emily back.

The gang meets her and some drama ensues.

Here’s what happened in “The Hook-Up Reverberation.”

1. The Boys Consider Investing in the Comic Book Store

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Around the lunch table, Sheldon brings up a study that a person will lose one or two close friends when in a romantic relationship.

“Look, I’m not the kind of guy who drops his friends just because he’s in a relationship,” Raj assures them.

Leonard presses on, asking what what happen if Emily didn’t like them.

“Hey, you’re my dear friends, you’ll get a Christmas card for a couple of years and then you’re dead to me,” he answered.

Later, the boys are forced to go to a new, more modern comic book store, and lament the loss of Stuart’s place.

They toy with the idea of opening up their own.

2. Penny Thinks Emily’s Not a Fan

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“I kind of got the sense that she didn’t like me,” Penny tells the girls in confidence, after Emily meets them. “It’s just the vibe I got.”

Bernadette assures her that she is overreacting. However, Emily agrees to have Penny practice her pharmaceutical sales pitch on her.

Throughout the speech, Emily appears distracted and unamused, which prompts Penny to ask, “Did we get off on the wrong foot?”

Emily replied, “Raj told me that a while ago, you hooked up.”

After Penny tried to play it down, Emily asked if they were naked and kissed, and when Penny couldn’t argue, the conversation ended.

3. Stuart’s Still Living With Howie’s Mom

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Howard complains that Stuart got his mother to get him cable and buy 4-ply toilet paper.

When Howard and Bernadette come over, Stuart says, “What brings you by?”

This enrages Howard, who says he is always welcome in his own house.

He gets angrier after he hears that his mother invested in the comic book store.

4. The Boys Asks the Girls About the Investment

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Howard asks Bernadette if he should invest and she immediately says “no.”

Then Sheldon brings it up to Amy, and she seems to accept the idea after some persuasion from Sheldon.

5. Penny Tries to Patch Things Up With Emily

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Penny has Raj and Emily over to patch things up.

“Listen, Emily, what happened to me and Raj was a long time ago… and Leonard and I are engaged now and I’m just hoping we can put this whole thing behind us.

The girls compliment one another’s looks and agree to go on a double date with their men.

As the door closes, and they are standing on either side of it, they utter in unison, “I hate her.”