Val Collins Eliminated on ‘Survivor’: Who Got Voted Off

Tonight on Survivor, Val Collins was sent home. Here’s how it all went down …

After giving a short recap of last week with Josh revealing his strategy to Baylor on voting for her in last week’s elimination, John and Julie went head to head in a challenge for fishing line. Julie killed it and John was sent to Exile Island. Julie nominated Jeremy to head to Exile island with John and that meant the winning streak continued with the Hunapu tribe.

A problem for the Hunapu, though, is that they lost their flint. When they tried to barter with the host for more flint, the host was very aggressive. The tribe ended up giving up all their newly won fishing gear for some new flint.

John and Jeremy returned for the Immunity Challenge where everyone had to battle each other, Sumo style, trying to knock each other off a platform in the water. This was brutal. Baylor’s mother Missy split her daughter’s lip and John ended up with a broken nose. In the end, tribe Hunapu won it again and Coyopa was up for elimination.

As a plus, for John, he found an idol, which definitely helps her in the game. He also decided to help out Jeremy’s wife Val, as a promise to Jeremy, even though she’s lying about having two idols … but he doesn’t know she’s lying.

At elimination, Val threw Baylor under the bus and Baylor was pretty much thrown for a loop. Ultimately, the votes came in and it was a tie between Baylor Wilson and Val Collins. After another vote, Val Collins was sent home.