Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix, ‘Vanderpump Rules’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are the most watched couple on Vanderpump Rules. They’re always surrounded by drama and viewers either love them or hate them, though we’re hearing a lot more love. The couple is appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen as well as their reality show and they are fighting against cheating rumors left and right. Let’s read on for all the crazy details.

1. Tom’s Ex Kristen Doute Had a Lot to Say About the Couple in a Recent Interview

Tom, Kristen, and Ariana do not have a good relationship and in an interview with OK! Magazine, Kristen had a lot to say about the other two:

I hope everyone sees her true colors…two bullshit personalities that I don’t just buy…I hope everyone just sees right through it. Everyone’s going to see Tom’s big fat lying face…They get to see the lying face that I know.

Ariana’s good friend Scheana said that viewers will end up seeing that Kristen Doute is either “clinically insane” or has been right about Tom and Ariana’s relationship from the beginning.

2. There Are Rumors That Tom Cheated on Ariana With a Girl From Miami

On the premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom’s ex Kristen had a conversation with a girl named Annemarie from Miami who claimed that Tom cheated on Ariana with her. Kristen read text messages she had with the girl to Ariana’s BFF Scheana, which put her in the middle of the situation. Tom denied any inappropriate interaction with the girl. Tom said that he and the guys were hanging out with some girls and that one of the guys sent her a photo of Tom on a scooter, while “Annemarie” says she slept with Tom and he sent her selfies.

As for what Ariana has to say about the whole thing:

A conversation between Crazy #1 and Crazy #2 does not “hard proof” make. “Texts to prove it”? I saw those texts months prior and I have more scandalous sounding conversations with my manager. “Selfies”? You mean one photo on a scooter at a gas station that was taken by Schwartz and sent to multiple people? Someone is using the “say something a bunch of times” method of trying to make something true.

3. Kristen Has Claimed That Tom Cheated on Ariana With Her Back in March 2014

In March 2014, Kristen Doute claimed that Tom cheated on Ariana in a hotel room with her. Radar Online reported:

Sandoval claims Doute came onto him in his hotel room and knowing it “might be an issue later” he “secretly pulled out my phone and recorded the whole occurrence. So I would have proof that I stopped anything from happening.” Sandoval also claims he immediately told his current girlfriend what had happened in the hotel room.

4. Ariana’s Losing her Dad Brought her and Tom Together

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Ariana and Tom always claimed to just be good friends and that their relationship grew gradually from that. They didn’t jump into anything. Ariana revealed in her blog that their love grew over the past winter 2014. She writes:

We progressed from friends to something more over a period of time during winter of last year. We had both had an extremely trying year, including the very sudden and unexpected loss of my dad, and through being there for each other as friends I think something just eventually clicked. It took me quite a while to be comfortable with the idea because, among other things, I knew it would be played out in a public forum. When it comes down to it, our story is ours alone and that is sacred to me.

5. Tom Cheated With Ariana When He Was With Kristen Doute

Last season on Vanderpump Rules, the majority of the episodes were about Kristen believing that Tom and Ariana had an affair during her relationship with Tom. Tom and Ariana continued to deny the allegations and said that they were just good friends. Finally the truth came out that the two of them had kissed in Vegas.