‘The Big Bang Theory’ ‘The Champagne Reflection’ Episode: Spoilers & Pictures

The Big Bang Theory celebrates the finale of Sheldon’s show and welcomes a guest star back tonight.

We also see one of the scientists shed some tears.

Here are some highlights from “The Champagne Reflection” episode.

1. ‘Fun With Flags’ Is Over

In the preview above, Amy says that this is the 232 and last episode.

Coyly, Sheldon replies, “Two hundred and thirty three if we include the one that somebody forgot to press record on.”

“You said you weren’t going to bring that up,” Amy retorts.

“And you said you were going to press record,” Sheldon answers back.

2. Sheldon Dresses in Drag

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Instead of his usual science-related t shirts that have been made famous on the show, Sheldon Cooper dresses as Betsy Ross to celebrate the end of Fun With Flags.

This is not the first time Jim Parsons dressed in drag on the show.

In “The Hawking Excitation,” he put on a French maid outfit in hopes of meeting Stephen Hawking.

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3. Bernadette Learns The Truth

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As we already know, Bernie got Penny a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep.

In this episode, we learn that Penny is the third best selling rep in the company. The girls’ boss, Dan, confides in Penny that Bernie made fun of his grandson at their company picnic.

Dan leaves the table after Bernadette confirms that she called his grandson a wuss.

Penny discusses Bernadette’s sometimes-harsh words, which leads the scientist to apologize to her boss.

When Bernie said she should quit, Dan reassures her.

Watch the friends’ exchange below with their boss.

4. A Professor Passes Away

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Professor Roger Abbot died and Leonard, Howard and Raj meet with the task of cleaning out his office.

They find his notebooks, which are full of calculations the boys assume was a project he was working on.

They find his office mate, Professor Sharpe, who reveals that it was only a diary to keep track of his caloric intake.

Watch the boys clean the office in the scene below.

5. Levar Burton Is Back

levar burton big bang theory, sheldon cooper t shirts


Levar Burton of the hit children’s show Reading Rainbow, is back.

He is the guest star on the finale of Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun With Flags

When Sheldon shows Burton how he painted his face to look like George Washington Carver, Burton is offended.