‘Euros Of Hollywood’ Bravo Cast Spoilers

Euros Of Hollywood brings a new flavor to the Bravo network and we've got the cast spoilers and premiere episode details. The cast is made up of seven people - Bleona, Fawni, Isabel Adrian, Jannik Olander, Massimo Dobrovic, and Sascha Gerecht. Bleona calls herself the "Madonna of Albania," telling Bravo that: People often compare me to [Madonna] because of the level of determination, style of music, my high-energy live performances, and the influential personality. I wore a big black shawl and halfway through, I took it off to reveal a pair of patent leather blue pants. People went crazy. I wasn't anymore the cute little star kid—I was now famous for being rebellious. Critics thought I was a completely out of line and started calling me 'crazy' just like that 'Madonna of America,' because I always followed my own direction creatively. As much as I respect and admire Madonna, I am NOT the ‘next Madonna.’ I am the first Bleona. Bravo TV reports: A former child star turned pop superstar who packs large stadiums throughout Europe, Bleona now has her sights set on the American music market. She has already worked with huge names like Timbaland and David Foster in her quest, and her fame and notoriety has earned her the nickname "The Madonna of Albania." And now, as she gets set to make her debut on our new show, her profile is only going to get bigger. As for the others, the plot description of the show reads: Euros of Hollywood follows six outrageous Europeans living in Los Angeles with personalities as big as their native countries while they strive to achieve their version of the American Dream. From a pop diva known as the "Madonna of Albania" to a Prada-wearing Italian Renaissance man whose goal is to win an Oscar, these ambitious and unfiltered men and women will stop at nothing to rise to the top. With their hearts on their sleeves and a shared bond as Europeans, they will help each other out in their pursuit of fame, fortune, and family. Check out all the info on the rest of the cast by clicking through our gallery ... Since we've been talking so much about Bleona, let's start with her:


She is dubbed as the "Madonna of Albania" and has eight albums under her belt. Bravo's bio on her reads: She began her career at five-years-old when she was cast in "The House of Pionieri," an Albanian television show similar to "The Mickey Mouse Club." She is one of Albania's highest profile artists, and has sold out multi-city tours and performed for presidents, royals, and billionaires. Relatively unknown in America, this rebellious and demanding diva is ready to make a name for herself with her supreme star power and infectious dance tracks. (Instagram)