‘House of DVF’ Show Cast

Diane Von Furstenberg has teamed up with the E! network to come up with a new reality competition called House of DVF. E! describes the premise of the show as this: The contestants will face a series of exciting but difficult challenges, from planning a press lunch to working during Fashion Week on the DVF Spring 2015 show, and many unexpected things will come up as they attempt to navigate their assignments and execute them to perfection—although things will not always go as expected! The eight young women who have been chosen come from various backgrounds and expertise, from a fashion blogger and a wardrobe stylist to a fashion photographer, design student and more! Upon winning the competition, the winner becomes the next DVF Global Brand Ambassador. The first episode reportedly started out with 10 contestants, but Furstenberg sent home two of the most dramatic cast members because she wanted to stay true to her brand. The competition now consists of 8 women all vying for a place in the House of DVF. In the past, Furstenberg has been approached with ideas for a reality show, but she felt they were tacky and did not fit her brand. She wants to remain honest in her projects and tells E!: The truth is, my religion is truth. That's what I practice. And it's a big job to practice truth. But if you do it every day, it's like pruning a tree, it's wonderful. I think that's what comes out in the show. It's very honest and very real. Furstenberg continued: Many agents and studios had come to me and wanted to do a TV show. But the fact is that they came with was so awful, and so tacky and it was just awful.I decided if I was going to do a show, it had to be a few things. It had to be true. It had to be honest. It had to be real ... I do not want to create fake drama. As for the contestants on the show, Furstenberg has remained close with them, even after the show has wrapped its filming. Furstenberg reveals to E!: The 8 girls that are left, you will grow to like them and love them and then be not sure about them and there's a lot of suspense ... All these girls they won't leave me alone. I'm having lunch with the winner. They email me all the time. Click through our gallery hear to check out all the info on each of the contestants on the show ... And, to watch the full premiere episode of the season, click here. (Twitter)