Jeremy Collins Eliminated on ‘Survivor’ – 11/19/14

On tonight’s Survivor, another contestant was voted off and it was Jeremy Collins. The yellow team won the first challenge. Jeremy and Natalie were on the winning team and the prize was sandwiches, drinks and a nice afternoon on a yacht, but they wanted to trade their places with Jon and Jaclyn because they valued their loyalty. With it being Day 22, with food being scarce, it was a major gift to give up. Jeremy is picked to go to exile and Baylor explains to the cameras that they picked Jeremy because they believe there is another idol left on exile island and want Jeremy to find it to help their alliance.

With Jeremy and Natalie’s “strategic move,” Keith and Wes get nervous and ask Natalie if she could give them a heads up if they’re going home. Their motivation behind this is because they secretly have an idol and want to know if they should use it. Unfortunately, Jeremy looked all day for the idol and couldn’t find it, realizing that Jon probably found the idol, which he did. Reed was on the winning team and was not happy about Jeremy and Natalie giving up their spots.

For the immunity challenge tonight, the challenge had to be done using only the contestants’ feet. Baylor ends up winning, though Reed was very close. Because Reed believes he is going home, he decides that he wants to stir up some trouble. Reed decides to go through other people’s belongings and finds that Keith has an immunity idol, so he shares that information with the girls. Keith realizes that someone went through his bag and that everyone probably knows he has an idol. Jaclyn lets Jon in on the news that Keith has an idol and makes sure that Jon got rid of the evidence that he himself has an idol. Jeremy and Natalie have also teamed up and are trying to catch Jon in a lie, believing he has an idol. Jon doesn’t crack. He does however, tell Missy that he has it because he says he trusts her. Missy, however, feels torn because she feels an allegiance to Jeremy as well as Jon.

Tonight was made more interesting when Josh returns at the council meeting after being eliminated last week. It seemed like he was just there to watch. After everything, Jeremy ends up getting voted out. Natalie and Jeremy realize that they have been betrayed.