Jonathan Ruiz, Brandi Glanville’s Ex-Boyfriend J.R.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, cast member Brandi Glanville spies on her ex-boyfriend JR (Jonathan Ruiz) with fellow cast-mate Kim Richards. You may remember JR from his rumored romp with Glanville at Kyle Richards’ white party. The sneaky moment that got Brandi in hot water with cast-mates, but Glanville clarified what really happened, explaining:

I think that she just makes things up in her head to get camera time. I wasn’t found naked in a bathroom in any way shape or form. I simply had a ten-second, fully clothed makeout session with a hot man. The only person that walked in was Lisa and she pulled me out of the bathroom by my ear like a good mum. (BTW I dated that hot man for six months after “bathroom gate”. We are still close friends, in fact he is my real estate agent!).

Read on for the facts on Jonathan Ruiz and his relationship with Brandi.

1. JR Works For Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Umansky

Brandi Glanville actually met JR through her fellow housewife’s husband, Mauricio Umansky. He’s the owner of lucrative real estate company The Agency and JR works for the company. JR’s bio on the company site reads:

As a native of Los Angeles and alumni of both UCLA and Harvard-Westlake School, Jonathan Ruiz is intimately familiar with the vast landscape of this great city. Jonathan comes to The Agency from a storied career in the Entertainment Industry. Serving most recently as Vice President of Production for two different studios, Jonathan was responsible for finding and shepherding projects through all stages of production. Prior to that, Jonathan was a Motion Picture Talent Agent at Creative Artist Agency for more than 10 years, where he helped to build the careers of many high profile clients and participated in numerous prestigious film festivals.

So, apparently JR has talents in the entertainment industry as well.

2. Brandi Glanville Originally Called It Quits With JR When He Went On a Trip Without Her

Last season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw JR a few times showing Glanville new homes for purchase in addition to sitting down for a date with Glanville. Glanville decided to end things with JR because he went away on a couples trip and failed to invite her. JR said that if he had known that his not asking her to come was a deal-breaker, he would have invited her.

3. Dating JR Left Brandi Glanville Homeless … According to Her

Glanville had used JR as her real estate agent to help her find some homes to rent, both places ended up falling through before Glanville’s lease was up. The owners of the first home decided to sell the house while Glanville was still living there and the second place fell through in late April 2013. Whatever the case with these two, the situation prompted Glanville to post the above tweet about JR.

4. JR Reportedly Cheated on Glanville

On RHOBH, Glanville reveals that JR actually cheated on her and that the girl he cheated with moved to be with him. This isn’t the first time that Glanville has had to deal with a man cheating on her as her very public divorce from cheating ex-husband Eddie Cibrian has been a big topic on the show over the years. Cibrian cheated on Glanville with several women, one of which was Scheana Jancan from Vanderpump Rules. This is one of the reasons that Glanville has been at odds with friend Lisa Vanderpump, since Lisa has become close with Scheana, who is her employee. In any event, the mistress who ended Glanville’s marriage was LeAnn Rimes, who wound up marrying Cibrian. LeAnn Rimes’ response to all the backlash she received from her affair was this:

Remember you can’t break what’s already broken. I’m not anything like what you read about. It’s all lies and anything you’ve read about no matter who or where it comes from….well, let’s just say its a game for so many to hurt others. Time to move on, everyone else has.

5. An Insider Said That Glanville Wasn’t That Into JR In the First Place

Perez Hilton reported Glanville’s split from JR in May 2013. An insider spoke to Perez saying that the split was because Glanville just wasn’t that crazy about JR. There was no word of cheating. The source stated:

Brandi and Jonathan had a lot of fun together but the relationship eventually just fizzled. There’s no hard feelings. They remain friends, but she just wasn’t that into him. Brandi’s perfectly happy being single at the moment because she has her boys and a booming career to focus on. But just like everyone else, she’d eventually like to find ‘the one’ and settle down.