Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Katherine Heigl was smitten with musician Josh Kelley right away. “What I can tell you is that I was infatuated with this man the moment I met him,” she said.

The initial attraction lasted and the pair are now married with two daughters.

Here’s what you should know about their love story.

1. They Met on Josh’s Music Video

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On 2005 he met Heigl on the set of his music video for “Only You.”

Heigl told Cosmopolitan, “Josh came into my life, and I realized, Oh my God, you’re someone I can really trust and go to when things are hard. To have that in a partner is huge.”

Kelley returned the sentiment, and before their 2007 wedding, told People, “We’re madly in love and she makes me excited to become married and to have a family and spend my life with someone. We’re fairly opposite but we also share a lot of the same values.”

2. He Picked Katherine Up With a Line

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After taping the video, they went out to dinner with all the people who worked on it. She went to his hotel, with a manager, and Kelley used what she perceives to this day, as a line to get her attention.

She told iVillage:

We were doing the music video, and by the end of the day we had sort of connected. We went out for dinner with the producers and director of the video, and then I went up to his hotel with him — this sounds so tarty, but his manager was with us — and we just started talking. He asked me about my six favorite things: like my favorite cut of meat, my favorite flowers, my favorite dessert. It was a total line, but at the time I so charmed by the fact that he wanted to know things about me. I figured it out months later, like, “Oh my god, he totally read that in some book like How to Pick Up Women.” He still to this day claims he was genuinely asking, but I think it was a line.

3. The Sex Gets Better With Age

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In a blog post she penned, Heigl dished about what makes their marriage work in Hollywood. “I have no desire to physically hook up with any man other than my husband and have been a serial monogamist from the moment of my first serious relationship at 20,” she said.

In 2008, she told Cosmopolitan:

It’s always been pretty phenomenal, but I think our sex life is 10 times better than it was. We understand each other better. It’s just a whole different ball game. You feel sheltered in the moment, whether you’re being wild and crazy and you’re doing your striptease…or it’s just more mellow.

4. He Doesn’t Like Her Love Scenes

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Heigl has been in countless TV and movie roles with good looking leading men. Her husband is still not comfortable with the idea of her kissing them on camera.

When Cosmo asked her what her what Kelley- who was her fiance at the time- thought of her lip locks on Grey’s Anatomy, she said, “He’s not cool with it. It’s funny to me because it’s so not what it looks like — it’s staged and technical, and what makes it hot is how they edit it, slowing it down and adding music. But he can’t watch it…which is a good thing, I think. If he didn’t care, I’d be a little worried.”

She also told ivillage:

He doesn’t like it, but if he were indifferent I think we’d have a bigger problem. I get it, because he’s not an actor. When we first started dating, it practically enraged him. He hated it. But thankfully almost all of my male costars Josh has gotten along really well with. So he just tries at this point to stay as far away from the set as possible when I have to do that.

5. They Adopted Two Daughters

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In 2009, they adopted their first daughter, Naleigh, from South Korea.

In an interview with Scholastic, Heigl explained her decision. “Josh and I started talking about it before we were even engaged. My sister Meg is Korean, and my parents adopted her three years before I was born. I wanted my own family to resemble the one I came from, so I always knew I wanted to adopt from Korea. We have talked about having biological children as well, but we decided to adopt first. I just wanted to be a mom. So however we do that, it’s fine with me. I’d like to adopt again,” she said.

Watch the music above to the song Kelley wrote for his little one, from his 2011 album Georgia Clay. “The idea was to show how Naleigh changed our lives, Josh’s life specifically. We did it with no budget. I directed it, and we asked friends to edit it. We’re proud of it,” Heigl said about the process.

Kelley told HitFix, “I love being a dad and writing about that.”

The couple was planning to adopt again, but wait a little longer, and then news came to Heigl through her lawyer that a baby was available.

In an interview with Jay Leno, Heigl said, So I had to talk Josh into that one. He thought it was going to be a few years and that we were going to end up with more a 9 or 10-month-old. He looked at me and said, ‘You’re telling me in a month we’re going to have a newborn?”

In 2012, they welcomed Adalaide Marie Hope, who was born to a woman in Louisiana.