Mama Joyce, Kandi Burruss’ Mom, & Todd Tucker

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Mama Joyce has given her daughter, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss headaches and trouble since she started dating Todd Tucker, who is now her husband. She’s spread rumors, dished out insults, antagonized Todd, has started physical fights with her daughter’s friend as well as her daughter’s mother-in-law, and constantly just has a bad attitude. While Kandi does stand up to her mother, she also lets her mother take advantage of her. When Kandi moved into her huge, new house with husband Todd, her mother acted out, appearing resentful even though Kandi gave Mama Joyce her old house, which is also beautiful. Mama Joyce wasn’t satisfied and Kandi went house-hunting for a home down the block from her. This creates even more tension for Kandi’s husband because, even though the two are married, Mama Joyce has not let up on her attitude towards Todd. In the past, Mama Joyce has accused Todd of cheating with Kandi’s best friend, has spread lies that Todd’s deceased father was a pimp, and even insulted Kandi’s engagement ring that Kandi herself picked out. Most daughters would have disowned their mother a long time ago, but Kandi continues to love and care for her mother. Have a look at the way Mama Joyce interacts with Todd in the below video from season 6.

Even at Kandi’s wedding, Mama Joyce refused to smile. She has said many times that she will not respect Todd and many believe Mama Joyce wants Kandi all to herself, worrying that anyone else would get their hands on her daughter’s money. It almost seems like Mama Joyce really doesn’t care about her daughter’s happiness. What do you think?