Man-PACK Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Man-PACK entered the Shark Tank on November 7. The episode is rerunning on March 27.

Heavy interviewed Aaron Tweedie about his bags that are designed for men. Here’s what you need to know about the unique apparel.

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1. The Idea Came About on a Construction Site

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While Tweedie was working as a contractor, he saw the need for the accessory.

In 2005, Tweedie was on a construction site and used a promotional bag that a sales rep had left, but he had to request multiple replacements because they kept breaking.

“I did this five times and then started searching for something of better quality, that was also stylish, and reasonably priced. I couldn’t find anything and recognized there was an opportunity to fill a need in the men’s apparel market,” he explained.

He had this idea for five years before acting on it.

Tweedie credits the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for giving him the incentive to take the next step.

2. The Bag Is a ‘Tool Not a Fashion Statement’

Man-PACK 201Check out the new Man-PACK 2.0!2013-11-04T18:30:05.000Z

When asked what makes his bag more masculine, he answered:

It’s not just one thing that defines masculinity. It’s a lot of things, and an important facet of the brand is defining that masculinity is being prepared and confident. Even confident enough to carry a bag if you need it. Because the bag is a tool, not a fashion statement.

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3. Women Approve

Man-PACK "Classic 2.0" campaignCheck out the new Man-PACK "Classic 2.0" Support our campaign, and get a cool carry bag. It's the democratization of venture capital! Yes, that is the White House behind me.2013-06-11T12:29:14.000Z

Although the bag was created with men in mind, women are known to buy it as well.

Tweedie also said wives and girlfriends like the fact they no longer have to carry their men’s things.

“Women hate hearing ‘Honey, will you hold my keys?'” he said.

As a result, 15 percent of his sales are due to women consumers.

4. A Kid-PACK Is Coming

The executives at Kid-PACK are business SHARKS!These SHARKY kids want dad to make the Kid-PACK. Check it out and support the Kickstarter campaign for Kid-PACK! Here is the link to the campaign: Kid-PACK.com2014-11-07T21:19:33.000Z

Watch the video above, to see Tweedie’s actual children ask him when a bag designed for them will be available.

In fact, Tweddie has already put an application in to Kickstarter and it is set to launch on November 10.

5. He Wasn’t Nervous to Face the Sharks

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When asked if he was apprehensive to face the sharks, he replied, “Not at all. They are just people and they put their underwear on one leg at a time. They just happen to wear really expensive underwear.”

However, what he did fear was that the fact that he was on national television:

What made me nervous was knowing that I was performing for 7-8 million people. That’s the largest audience I’ve performed for to date. Knowing that any gaffe you make in your presentation will be seen on national TV. That makes a guy sweat. To me, the sharks were only 5 people out of the 8 million I performed for.

Also on this episode:

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