Mark Boone Junior as Bobby Munson, ‘Sons of Anarchy’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mark Boone Jr. plays the role of Bobby Munson on Sons of Anarchy and tonight we say goodbye to Bobby. He’s beeen held captive by August Marks’ gang, who continue to cut off parts of his body. Bobby has taken his torture like a man, having lost an eyeball, fingers, and having a broken jaw from beatings. Show creator Kurt Sutter has revealed that a major death will occur on episode 9 or 10 in the show’s final season, so the time has come for Bobby. Many have feared that Bobby was the next to die, especially because of tonight’s episode description:

The club deals with heartache internally and conflict with the organization at large.

Bobby was always the calm one of the group, the voice of reason, so he will forever be missed by the SOA crew, who are devastated by his death. Read on for the facts on Bobby Munson.

1. Bobby Was Vice President of the Club But Quit

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At the beginning of season five, Bobby is voted the new Vice-President of the club, but he later resigns because he disagreed with Jax’s leadership and for the framing of Clay for gangster Pope’s murder. The Sons of Anarchy wiki gives the run-down on what exactly Bobby had a problem with when he was VP of the club:

Bobby is shown to be worried about Jax’s decent into darkness over Opie’s death; When they break into the home of the prison sergeant who was responsible for Opie’s death, he was aghast at Tig killing the innocent wife and Jax’s brutal murder of the sergeant. When they locate another of Opie’s killers, the prisoner who beat him to death with the pipe, it is revealed to be the cousin of Grim Bastard President T.O. Jackson. He objects to killing him as they have had a long, healthy relationship with the Bastards and doesn’t want to sabotage that.

2. His Nickname Is Elvis

Bobby does Elvis Presley impersonations in Lake Tahoe, leading to him being referred to as Elvis at times. Fans love posting tweets and comments about Bobby “Elvis” Munson.

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3. Bobby Saved Clay’s Life … Temporarily

When Bobby finds out in season 5 that character Clay had a hand in killing characters JT and Piney, as well as trying to kill Tara, Jax’s wife, Bobby goes to Clay’s house to give him some advice. Bobby tries to get Clay to confess to his wrong-doings in exchange for Bobby preventing the club from killing him. As a result, Bobby votes to kick Clay out of the club, but is the only member to vote ‘nay’ on killing him. According to the SOA wikia:

He states that while Clay could no longer be allowed to sit at the table after what Jax told him, he knew that once Jax didn’t need Clay anymore, he would kill him behind the Club’s back. Jax is shown to feel greatly angered and betrayed by Bobby making this deal. He states if he was alone with him he might “rip his head off”.

4. He Has Uncovered Injustices Against the Motorcycle Club in the Past

In addition to being the former VP of the club, Bobby is also the former Secretary of the Sons of Anarchy. He was responsible for all of the club’s finances, which is a trait he gets from his father. His father was an accountant in Reno and kept two sets of books for the mob. Bobby is said to have learned his accounting from his dad.

In season 2, Clay gives Bobby a job as a bookkeeper at Luann Delaney’s pornography studio. While working there, he discovers that Luann is stealing money from her business as well as from SAMCRO.

5. Bobby Temporarily Joined The Nomads

The Nomads were, at one point, attacking SAMCRO via Clay. At the end of season 5, Bobby quit the club because he didn’t agree with Jax’s warpath. In season 6, it was revealed that Bobby joined the Nomads. Later in the season, when Jax has a big meeting with other charters of Sons of Anarchy, Bobby and the Nomad charter show up. Bobby explains to Jax why he left the club:

The only reason I tore that flash off is because I didn’t think I can help you in that sort of way.

Bobby then tells Jax he loves him as well as the club and reveals that he’s recruited characters Rane Quinn, Orlin West and Allesandro Montez to join the club. All three were patched in to the club and since Bobby’s return to SAMCRO, he’s become one of Jax’s most trusted advisors.

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