EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Matt Busbice, ‘Country Bucks’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Matt Busbice is a partner in the company Wildlife Innovations with his brother Ryan Busbice and stars on the new reality show Country Bucks. Matt, his dad Bill, and his brother were actually already reality stars as part of the hunting series Wildgame Nation. The Outdoor Channel describes the show as this:

Wildgame Nation is a reality hunting show that takes an inside look at a dad and two sons running a real American outdoor company. This show documents the lives of Bill, Matt and Ryan Busbice with a reality-style approach that shows them hunting, traveling and working together.

Read on for all the facts on Matt, his relationship with his family members, his dating life, and his connection to the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty.

1. Matt Is Single And Wants Everyone to Know It

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Ladies, step right up because Matt Busbice is a single man. He was born on April 26, 1982 and was born in New Orleans, but raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has a brother Ryan who is married with three kids and a baby on the way, but Matt is loving the single life. However, he also loves to date. In fact, one of his favorite moments on Country Bucks this season is when he goes on a double date with his cousin Joe Buck. Matt tells FOX News:

Me and my first cousin Joe Buck going on a first date is my favorite thing that we ever filmed. My first cousin is, how do I say, single bachelor-lly challenged. He just doesn’t have the luck with the ladies and I got to go on a double date with him.

He adds to us that:

It was the funniest day. You will have to watch and see what happens!

One person who isn’t always a fan of Matt’s dates is his mother. Matt is the baby, so her mama bear instincts kick in.

2. He And His Brother Started Wildlife Innovations in Their Kitchen

We asked Matt about his family’s company Wildlife Innovations, in which he is a partner and he gave us the full run-down:

We started Wildgame Innovations in our kitchen 12 years ago. it’s now a multi-million dollar wildlife sporting empire. Our 55,000-acre ranch serves as a testing ground for our products. Wildgame Innovations is a family owned and run company that was officially founded in early 2002, but really started its grassroots back in the mid-90s when the quality deer management movement got going. Being avid deer and wild game hunters, we had begun managing our own 1,100 acre deer lease in Northern Louisiana. After field testing nearly every “nutritional supplement/attractant” available on the market at that time, we felt as if we were not having any luck at all. That’s when we decided that if you are going to do something right you have to do it yourself.

Ryan and Matt’s father Bill was a lot more involved in the company when it first started, but now Ryan and Matt pretty much run the show.

3. Matt Is Gluten Free

One of the interesting things about Matt is that he’s gluten-free when it comes to his diet. That’s something you might not expect. What you would expect if you see him on the show is that he’d rather be playing in the woods than in the office. Matt’s brother Ryan, on the other hand, is more business-minded. When it comes to getting along with his big brother, Matt tells Heavy:

We get along great. He is all business all of the time and I would rather be in the woods than the office. We compliment each other and bicker as any siblings would.

4. The Robertsons of Duck Dynasty Are Great Friends of Matt and the Busbice Family

Some may think that Country Bucks is just another version of Duck Dynasty, but Matt assures us that they’d be wrong. Matt told FOX News:

The main difference is that we really are a completely different business. We sell everything for hunting. Our show is more focused on showing what we make. [We do have] a crazy uncle [like Uncle Si]. He’s the living breathing Uncle Eddie from ‘Christmas Vacation.’ [Also,] I think that faith is important to us as but I don’t know if you’ll see it as much in the show as they portray [on Duck Dynasty].

In addition, Matt says:

Willie loves to give me advice. We have spent so much time over the few years now that he sees his little stepbrother about to come out with a show he has just prepared me with some of the best advice. The Robertson family has been a blessing to be a part of our lives. Willie has really become a great friend of ours and a hairy stepbrother.

Willie Robertson makes an appearance on the premiere episode of Country Bucks and Matt revealed to us that:

We are great friends with the Robertson’s and value their friendship. We hunt together all of the time. Willie will appear in a few episodes including our premiere.

5. Liam Hemsworth Is Holding a Wildlife Innovations Crossbow on the Hunger Games Movie Poster

Matt tells Heavy that:

If you have been hunting in the last 15 years, you would have used one of our products. We got noticed because of our story and our products and now here we are!

Wildlife Innovations is extremely successful and even caters to celebrity clients like Jason Aldean and the Duck Dynasty crew. In fact, the Busbice’s company products appear in the Hunger Games. Matt tells Fox News: We make everything now from archery weapons to range finders to metal detectors to deer feed to deer calls and duck calls. It’s funny, our crossbow is on the poster of the new Hunger Games movie. That’s what handsome Liam Hemsworth is holding.

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