Mehran Farhat, Tori Spelling’s Best Friend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mehran Farhat, Tori Spelling Best Friend Mehran Farhat, Uncle Mehi Tori Spelling, Mehran Farhat And Tori Spelling


Mehran Farhat is the BFF and “Gusband” of Tori Spelling, who is currently starring on her emotional reality show True Tori. We’ve seen Mehran at Tori’s side as her best friend over the years, but he seems more like family. Whenever Dean was out of town, Mehran would sleep over in his place to hang with his BFF. The two have been friends since they were very young and vow to stay close for life. Read on for what we know on Mehran Farhat.

1. Mehran Has Been a Staple on All of Tori Spelling’s Reality Shows

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Tori Spelling has had many reality shows with her husband Dean McDermott and we’ve seen Mehran guest star on all of them. He has always popped up to hang out with Tori, help her with an event, or just check in. Have a look at a clip of Mehran and Spelling together on the small screen. Mehran comes in around the 8:47 mark.

In addition to being on Spelling’s TV shows, he plays an even larger role in her life as “Uncle Mehi” to her children.

Tori Spelling has four children with husband Dean McDermott – Finn, Hattie, Liam, and Stella. Mehran has been such a big part of their lives and he’s probably the best babysitter any of them could have.

2. Tori Spelling and Mehran Are Business Partners

We’ve seen Mehran and Tori get into business ventures on her reality shows over the years. Mehran’s bio gives the details on their most prominent businesses together:

For the past 6-years, Mehran has partnered with Tori Spelling, and together, they have worked to create a portfolio of brands and extensive licensing program for Tori including the Tori Spelling Collection for HSN, Maven, Little Maven and Styled by Tori Spelling in the apparel, jewelry, handbag and crafting categories.

3. Mehran Works Is a Co-Founder of REMIX Cocktails

Mehran Farhat is a business man who is the co-founder of REMIX Cocktails. His partner is actually Pauly D. The company website describes REMIX Cocktails as this:

DJ Pauly D’s REMIX will elevate the Pre-Game experience by introducing the first RTD (Ready-To-Drink) cocktail dedicated exclusively to Pre-Gaming. Until now, this pastime has been associated with shots, beer and less-than-stellar home-made mixed drinks. REMIX will change how you get the party started by introducing the perfect RTD cocktail to the Pre-Game … Fresh, original flavors mixed with premium vodka. Serve chilled or pour over ice. It’s that easy. Ready. Set. REMIX!

As far as Mehran’s business portfolio:

Mehran Farhat has an extensive background in marketing and branding, as well as strategy and business development. Mehran launched his career at Young & Rubicam in the strategy group. Following Y&R, The Carson Group hired him to oversee their capital markets consulting group, giving Mehran the opportunity to work with senior management at companies including Nike, Ralph Lauren and WPP. Most recently, Mehran established a consultancy with Jessica Stark, the MF Stark Group, focusing on branding, product development and licensing.

4. The Guncles Make Up Tori Spelling’s Other Two “Gusbands”

Mehran Farhat, Tori Spelling Best Friend Mehran Farhat, Uncle Mehi Tori Spelling, Mehran Farhat And Tori Spelling


Scout Masterson and Bill Horn are The Guncles. Tori has been friends with them for many years, helped put their wedding together and even wrote recommendation letters for them when they were going through the adoption process. They now have a baby of their own named Simone. Have a look at Mehran, The Guncles, and Tori all together in the above photo.

5. Tori Spelling Isn’t Mehran’s Only Best Friend

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Tori Spelling isn’t the only woman in Mehran’s life. He’s had another best friend for over 23 years and she’s a designer named Malin Murjani. Her company is called MM Curate and her bio reads:

Avant-garde designer and style icon Malini Murjani was born in Hong Kong and raised in London, Switzerland, and New York. A true child of the universal art and fashion worlds, Malini attributes her love affair with aesthetics to her musings with an array of cultures and stylings … While perfecting her craft, she was inspired to launch her own line of luxury accessories, thereby christening the birth of the acclaimed Malini Murjani brand. The line, founded upon an intermingling of exotic skins, edgy metals, bold tones, and classic shapes, embodies the designer’s rich upbringing … With an impressive portfolio under her belt, the dynamic designer-turned-curator currently lends her expertise to advisory projects in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Malin has a young daughter and is good friends with model and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.

Another best friend of Mehran’s that he’s had since he was 8 years old is a woman by the name of Jessica Shiff, pictured below.