‘Nellyville’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nellyville is a new docu-series on BET which follows around rapper Cornell ‘Nelly’ Haynes Jr. in his life as a family man, businessman and entertainer. Unlike most family reality shows, this one is a lot more serious as it deals with death and deep issues. We also get to see Nelly’s kids adjust to his new relationship with girlfriend Shantel. Read on for all the facts on the issues Nelly and his kids will go through this season.

1. Nelly Is a Single Dad With Four Kids

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Nelly cares for four kids children, two from previous relationships and the other two, his niece and nephew, he took in after the death of his sister Jacqueline Donahue, who died from leukemia in 2005. The Urban Daily writes:

His biological children are Chanelle aka “Nana,” Cornell aka “Tre,” his nephew, Shawn aka “Lil’ Shawn” aka “Tab,” and Sydney aka “Stink.” Yes, they list each of their nicknames. You know we Black people love our nicknames.

For more information on Nelly’s late sister, have a look at the below link:

2. Chanelle’s Boyfriend Was Shot to Death


We get to know a lot about Chanelle on the first episode of Nellyville. She may be a daddy’s girl, but she’s dealing with a lot of deep hurt with her boyfriend Mario having been shot to death. The Urban Daily reports:

The first episode serves as an introduction for Nelly’s bunch, though a lot of the premiere specifically centers on Chanelle, who is visiting from college. Chanelle’s got a clever, slick mouth, and is maybe a little comfortable with internalizing whatever is bothering her.

Chanelle attends Columbia College in Chicago as a business major. In addition to her being her daddy’s best friend and a college girl, she’s also a virgin. Urban Daily writes:

Chanelle is also a virgin, which makes her daddy very proud. Yes, Nelly acknowledges that there is a bit of contradiction between him being elated that his daughter is abstaining from sex given his professional life has seen him celebrate it so much. Nonetheless, Nelly says he’s thrilled that Chanelle hasn’t succumb to the “pressure.”

One thing that gets on Chanelle’s nerves is when Nelly’s girlfriend Shantel aka “Miss Jackson,” visits, but it turns out that Shantel helps Chanelle deal with her boyfriend’s death. Below is a link to all the pictures of “Rio.”

3. Tre Is a Football Player In High School

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Cornell III is most known as Tre. Tre is a football player at his high school and is a sports fanatic. Tre has to maintain his grades, because he wants to excel in the classroom as well as on the field, but he also has to prepare for college scouts. He has a tough time juggling such a busy schedule.

4. Lil’ Shawn Wants to Be a Successful Rapper

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Lil’ Shawn, also known as Tab, longs to be a successful rapper like Nelly. BET writes:

Tab wants to follow in Nelly’s footsteps and pursue a hip hop music career. Although he is part of an up-and-coming rap group that is backed by Nelly, he still has to prove that he has what it takes to make it big in the music business. When Tab isn’t in the studio, he spends time with his family, friends and flirting with the ladies.

5. Sydney Wants to Be a Model


Sydney’s nickname “Stink” does not reflect her modeling aspirations. She’s a high school senior, who wants to get her driver’s license and dreams of becoming a supermodel.