Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Phaedra Parks has always been the first to stand by her man Apollo Nida … until he plead guilty to bank fraud and identity theft. Apollo Nida is currently serving an eight-year sentence in prison after cooperating with the court, though he has told RHOA cast-mates that he’ll probably only serve 5 years. Parks has said she’s financially been there for Apollo through his court battles, but he seems to have been unappreciative. According to tabloids, Apollo was out partying and spending time away from his family prior to checking into prison as opposed to spending his last days as a free man with his children. However, Apollo has stated that the thought of being away from his two sons absolutely kills him. Read on for the facts on Phaedra Parks and the struggles she’s had to overcome with her marriage to estranged husband Apollo Nida.

1. Apollo Is “Hopeful” He and Phaedra Can Work Things Out

In his first interview since entering prison, Apollo Nida has told In Touch that he is hopeful in his relationship with Phaedra Parks, despite all the bad blood that there seems to be between them. In a phone interview, Nida stated:

Yes, we’ve had problems — especially over the last year — but we’ve gotten on terms now where I can call her and it’s cordial. I’m hopeful that we can stick things out.

2. Reportedly, Apollo Sent Phaedra Mean Letters From Prison

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According to Hollywood Life, Apollo Nida sent his wife Phaedra mean letters from prison. A few weeks ago it was reported that Phaedra wasn’t taking Apollo’s collect calls and he retaliated with some nasty words. An insider revealed:

He’s so childish. She said, ‘He tried to get me together by telling me what he thought about me and numbering each pathetic insult.’ So rude! Who’s the one in jail, here?! Phaedra said that Apollo called her a b*tch, selfish, fat, conceited, and a wife that ain’t loyal. He even told her that if it wasn’t for their kids, he wouldn’t care if he saw her fat ass ever again. He said it to her in a letter just like that.

Phaedra reported response to Apollo’s letters was just to tear up the papers and not even finish reading them.

3. Kenya Moore And Phaedra Parks Have Been Enemies Because of Apollo Nida’s Lies

Kenya Moore overstepped her boundaries with Parks’ husband several seasons ago on Real Housewives of Atlanta when she would flirt with him in front of Parks and revealed that Apollo had been texting her. Though the text messages proved to have nothing inappropriate said, many of the other housewives felt that it was inappropriate to text another woman’s husband at all. Apollo made things worse when he told his wife and the other women that Kenya tried to hook up with him in Los Angeles and offered him oral sex. Now, in his final season on the show, Apollo has apologized to Kenya and revealed that he did lie about everything, that she never offered him any kind of sex, nor did she ever see him in LA.

What made matters worse was that Apollo confessed his lies to everyone including Kenya, but revealed to his wife’s BFF Kandi Burruss that he still hadn’t told Phaedra that it was all a lie. Apollo smiled and said that the subject never came up. Kandi Burruss was not happy, saying that the entire reason everyone hated Kenya, including Phaedra, was because of Apollo’s lies.

Phaedra’s response to all of this was that her focus is on her children and she’s not paying it any mind.

4. Parks Is Reportedly Planning to Bring Her Children to Visit Apollo in Prison, Though She Said She Wouldn’t

Originally, Parks said she didn’t know what she was going to do when it came to having her young children visit their father in prison. Apollo had told some of the other cast-mates that Parks was not going to bring them to visit him at all. However, now Apollo said that things have changed, stating that there is a plan in place to have them visit.

Apollo tells ‘In Touch’ he’s sorry for the mistakes he made and knows he “let a lot of people down.” As he counts the days to freedom, he’s vowing to turn his life around. “I know for a fact that when I get home, I will pick up the pieces.”

5. Phaedra Parks Is Following Through With the Divorce

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On the Ellen Show, Parks opened up about the fact that she is indeed divorcing her husband Apollo. Though Apollo has recently come out that he is hopeful they can work things out, a rep for Parks states that there are no plans for reconciliation. Phaedra Parks’ rep Steve Honig states:

The divorce is proceeding as planned. While Phaedra and the boys [Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 18 months] do speak with Apollo regularly, there have been absolutely no discussions about reconciling.

Apollo Nida reportedly has a net worth of $400 thousand while his wife is worth an estimated $2 million.