Reagan James, ‘The Voice’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Reagan James is a fan-favorite on Team Blake for The Voice. She hopes to show her talents singing some Beyonce, John Legend, and some Amy Winehouse if she gets the chance. Read on for all the facts on Reagan, her connection to Kelly Clarkson, her new boyfriend, and how her classmates back home feel about her being on the show.

1. Kelly Clarkson Was Her Babysitter

When Reagan was a young child, Clarkson was actually her babysitter. Reagan hopes to one day follow in her former babysitter’s footsteps. In fact, Reagan was actually leaning towards coach Gwen Stefani when choosing her coach, but she ended up choosing Blake Shelton, partyly because of his connection to Clarkson. Reagan revealed to the Burleson Crowley:

She’s friends with Blake and they work together so it’s like this perfect little circle that ties around, and I figured that I would love to be part of that and I picked Blake and have no regrets about it.

As far as following the same path as Clarkson, Reagan stated:

She’s a very big influence. Knowing that I’m from where Kelly Clarkson is from, and that I’m pursuing my career in a very similar way that she pursued her career is really cool. It’s an honor to be doing what she did. Hopefully I end up in kind of the same area that she’s in and the same success that she got.

2. Her Inspiration Is Her Stepfather

NBC writes:

Reagan’s biggest musical influence is her stepdad. A guitar teacher and cover band singer, he taught Reagan how to play guitar.

In addition to her stepdad’s music connection, he’s not the only one in the family who’s musically inclined. reported:

Her mom, Susan Cloud — in addition to being former producer of The Mark Davis Show on KSKY/660 AM — is co-owner of Go Flight Media and lead singer of a Dallas big band called Think Big Party; her stepdad, Scot Cloud, plays in the band Velvet Love Box and is a professional guitar teacher.

3. She Has Already Released an Album

In October 2013, Reagan released her album, “Remedy”. Reagan was going by Reagan Beard at the time, rather than Reagan James. She won the national Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show Talent Scout contest, which was judged by Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager in 2013 as well.

4. Reagan’s Classmates Are Supportive … For the Most Part

According to, Reagan’s classmates back at her high school have been very supportive of her being on The Voice. Reagan reveals:

There’s some points in the day where it just feels normal, walking through the halls, and there’s other parts that are overwhelming with how people have reacted, how they’re really happy for me, and love supporting me, and are excited for me to be on the show. So, my peers are, for the most part, being really, really nice.

With positives always comes a little negative as Reagan has admitted.

For the most part. Haters gonna hate; there’s always gonna be people who react negatively, and that’s expected, and that’s OK, and I understand. I just try to be nice to everybody as much as I can.

5. She Has a New Boyfriend

In October 2014, Reagan found herself a new boyfriend named Chandler who she’s crazy about. Reagan stated:

Yes, I just got a boyfriend. Yesterday [laughter]. And it’s awesome, and I’m very happy. Chandler’s really happy for me, and he’s very supportive and loving, and very positive.