RIP Diem Brown: MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Cast Members React to Death

As the news of Diem Brown’s death spreads, members of the MTV family and fellow cast members of The Challenge series have come out via Twitter to share their love, sadness and memorable photos.

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From shock and tears…. to smiles. This is @diembrown This is off the show…Straight pure dancing happiness and full of life. THIS is the Diem i know. There is no "losing the fight" or "losing the battle" to cancer. Please dont ever think or say that. She has done nothing but WIN with her life. She is an angel put here for us to teach us lessons. Diem has inspired strength to those who felt weak. She has reached out a hand to those who felt alone. She created MEDGIFT and left a beautiful legacy through her passion for helping others. She has shown all of us how to come together in prayer and love. What she has left us is the biggest gift in the world. We are sad because this heart of life got taken away from us too soon…. But we should celebrate what she has done. Celebrate her life. Be thankful for what she has taught us through her struggles. Know that life and health are never guaranteed. Tell those close to you that you love them. Be thankful for all the little things. Diems life, struggles, and death all had a purpose. Take everything she has taught you and be a better person for it. Prayers to her family. Diem is truly dancing with the stars now. All my love. Thank you Diem for reaching out to a lonely weirdo for a thanksgiving meal all those years ago. You changed my life more than you could ever know. I will pass along your kindness in your honor. Love you. You are and always will be a Warrior.

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For more information on Diem Brown, her cancer battle, and her relationship with cast member CT Tamburello:

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