Shelby Chong, Tommy Chong’s Wife – ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Tommy Chong is currently competing on Dancing With The Stars with the support of his wife Shelby as she cheers from the crowd. Tommy isn’t the only comedian in the family. In fact, Shelby is a comedian, actress, and a producer who has even opened for her husband’s stand-up shows from 1996 until 2000. She was also the associate producer for four Cheech and Chong films. When her husband reunited with Cheech in 2008, she was the opening act for their cross-country tour.

Shelby is Tommy’s second wife and her maiden name is Fiddis. Shelby and Tommy have three children together – Paris Chong, Gilbran Chong, and Precious Chong. Tommy and Shelby also adopted a son named Marcus Wyatt (b. 1967) in 1978. Tommy has two daughters from his first marriage. All of their children have pursued careers in acting.

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