‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoiler: Juice Tells Jax Gemma’s Secret

Last week on Sons Of Anarchy, Jax’s son Abel tells his daddy that his grandma Gemma killed his mother and that’s where the episode ended. Tonight, the truth really came out. When Wendy comes clean to Jax about Gemma hiding Juice in her apartment earlier in the season, Jax starts to put the pieces together. Jax ends up visiting Juice in jail and tells him that his son Abel is tormented and he needs to know the truth about what happened to his wife Tara.

In an emotional reveal filled with tears from both Juice and Jax, Juice tells Jax the full story of how he covered up Gemma’s killing Tara. Jax tells Juice about all the damage that has been done because of what Gemma did and the details of Bobby’s death, which brings on even more tears. At the end of their talk, Jax thanks him for telling him the truth and tells him he’s “make it quick.” This means goodbye for Juice.

Juice calls Gemma and reveals to her that he told Jax about Tara’s murder. Gemma says nothing, closes her eyes, and hangs up the phone. While Gemma begins to pack up her belongings, Wendy stops by and lets her know that she told Jax about hiding Juice in her apartment. She also tells Gemma that Jax told Abel she was his biological mother to bring comfort to him about the death of his mom Tara.

Gemma calls upon her man Nero for help. Meanwhile, the sheriff and Wayne visit Juice in jail and he tells them that he’s come clean about everything to Jax, though they still don’t know the actual details. Juice says it doesn’t matter what they offer him, that it’s too late for him … and for them. As for Gemma and Nero, Gemma tells him that she loves him and attempts to say goodbye. Nero’s phone rings and it’s Jax, but Gemma tells him not to answer it until she’s gone. Nero becomes upset and wants to know what happened, but Gemma remains silent. His phone rings again and Jax asks him if he’s seen Gemma. After Nero tells Jax he won’t tell him anything unless he knows why, Jax tells him the truth about what Gemma did. Nero tells Jax that he’s sorry and he understands. Then, he begins to cry. After hanging up the phone, Nero cries in almost disbelief to Gemma as she confirms the news. Nero then tells Gemma sternly that she should go. Nero is left crying on a curb.

Gemma visits Abel at school and gives him a ring for when he joins the club. She says her goodbyes to Abel and tells him she loves him as his teacher comes over and takes him away, telling Gemma she’ll have to report Gemma coming by. Gemma thanks her for watching out for her grandson.

Juice gets beaten by two guards in jail while Jax tells the club that Gemma killed Tara. The club looks dumbfounded. Jax says he takes full responsibility for every death that occurred as a result of Jax’s quest for vengeance. Jax says he wants to do everything he can to make it right, but says he needs time to think. He apologizes to the guys and tells them he loves them. Nero shows up and sits down with Jax and tells him to honor Tara’s wish for the way he should life his wife. Nero tells him that he understands the pain he must feel, but that killing his mother would destroy him and he’d never be able to recover. Jax cries on Nero’s shoulder.

The episode ends with Gemma driving to Mexico.