‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 5: The Highlights & Spoilers You Need to Know

Walking Dead Season 5

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the 5th episode of The Walking Dead’s Season 5 run!

1. A Crew of Survivors Hit The Open Road

The show opened with a few survivors from Rick’s crew heading out up the road on their bus. Abraham, Rosita, Tara, Maggie and Glenn broke up the silence on their road trip by speaking about what transpired at the church.

Eugene was still shaken by the violent episode that took place in the Church between Rick and Gareth. Abraham drove past a huge number of undead and soon plowed into another car and totaled the bus. The zombie horde nearby heard the loud crash and headed straight for them.

2. The Bus Broke Down!

Walking Dead Season 5

The show came back on with a cringe worthy scene that depicted Abraham beating down several people in a marketplace. The show returned to current times where the group tried to make their way off the bus and steer clear of the incoming zombie horde. Eugene looked on as his protector put down several zombies. He even aided Tara by grabbing up a zombie and helping her cut it down.

The bus that crashed soon erupted in flames, but Abraham insisted that everyone needed to keep moving. Glenn did his best to relax the situation. Everyone decided to do their best and search for another suitable form of transportation.

3. Eugene Sabotaged the Bus!

Another flashback sequence occurred that saw Abraham calling out for some woman. A mysterious female figure appeared and suddenly the show went back to modern times. The group entered into a library of sorts and made a quick campfire with the books seen in each bookcase. Humming could be heard in the background as everyone pushed bookcases together to form blockades. Abraham got his injured hand prepared, thankfully. Abraham stared out the window (a random zombie came up to the window and left pretty quickly) as Glenn spoke with him. Their conversation seemed to focus on their current situation and the things they’d have to do to keep on moving.

Abraham and Rosita could be seen making love while Eugene watched from a distance (creepily, we might add). Tara brought Eugene out of his disturbing state and spoke with him. Eugene revealed that he actually sabotaged the bus! His reasoning for screwing up the bus revolved around him feeling worthless and having protection only because of his ability to cure the zombie virus. Glenn and Maggie could then be seen discussing their survival thus far. Abraham could be seen by the window scoping out the undead once again.