Wes Nale Eliminated on ‘Survivor’ – 11/26/14

Eliminated Off Survivor, Survivor Elimination, Voted Off, Sent Home

Tonight was a big one on Survivor and strong contestant Wes Nale was sent home. For the immunity challenge, each contestant was bribed with food. When it was down to Reed and Natalie, Natalie finally gave up her spot for some pizza, wings, beer, and a cookie. Reed Kelly is from team Huyopa and was hoping to rally some of the other’s to vote against Jon Misch. Alec and some of the others agree to blindside Jon and vote him off the island. Because Alec tricks Jon, Jon doesn’t realize he should reveal that he has an idol and use it to save himself.

Josh and Jeremy, who were voted off at the last two tribal councils, show up to watch all the chaos go down. During tribal, Natalie whispers to Jon that he should play his idol, so he does. Keith then offers up his idol as well to save himself. This results in his son Wes Nale being sent home. Most of the votes were for both Jon and Keith, with just two votes for Wes. Because they played their idols, their votes did not count.

Next episode will be a two-hour, very tense night, where Jon and his girlfriend will be fighting.