Biaggi Foldable Luggage Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Biaggi, foldable, 4-wheeled luggage, enters the Shark Tank on December 5.

Heavy interviewed president Stephen Hersh.

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1. The President Was Influenced By His Dad

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A commercial realtor for 10 years, Hersh changed focuses when the recession hit and the real estate business was affected.

He didn’t have direct experience in the luggage business, but considers himself a “salesman at heart.”

However, he did watch his father start what went on to be a successful handbag company from their living room.

“So working a 9-5 job for someone else was not in my DNA,” he explained.

2. It’s the Only 4-Wheeled Foldable Luggage on the Market

“No other luggage company makes a bag that is as structured and durable as any other bag when in use, but can also fold neatly for easy storage,” Hersch said.

Customers love the clutter-less option for travel apparel.

Hersch attested to this, saying:

Nobody likes clutter, and luggage does take up a lot of space in the home. So if someone buys a Biaggi bag, they were obviously attracted by the space saving possibilities. They are rarely disappointed, because the foldability really is a very cool feature. Also, our luggage looks amazing.

Days of our Lives actress Jen Lilley posed for a picture with the luggage in the tweet above.

3. They Fit a Wide Range of Budgets

Biaggi Foldable Luggage – Welcome to the FoldBiaggi is the only brand that makes four wheeled luggage that folds flat for easy storage. Biaggi foldable luggage comes folded and in our signature carry bag.2012-05-07T21:05:19.000Z

Foldable duffles range from $49 to $99, and foldable luggage ranges from $159 to $349.

4. He Wasn’t Nervous to Face the Sharks

When asked if he was apprehensive when it came to pitching to the sharks, he said, “No, I wasn’t nervous to face the sharks at all. I’ve been around enough wealthy people in my life to know that they are just people like you and me. They have insecurities and weaknesses just like the rest of us have.”

The thing that did make him a bit anxious what to be on national television.
He continued, “However I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous about being on national TV. I’ve never been on TV before, and I wanted to make sure that I presented myself and my company in a positive way.”

5. The Idea Started in the Far East

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Hersh’s partner, who lives in the Far East, saw the success with foldable luggage. However, those bags had no structure to them.

He explained:

Clearly there was a market for space saving luggage, and we knew that if we could figure out a way to make luggage fold without sacrificing on quality and durability then we’d have a viable item. My partner made a prototype of a 4-wheeled fully structured piece of luggage that can also fold, and as soon as we saw it we knew that we were onto something.

Interested in Biaggi? Read customer reviews and buy their products here.

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