Breathometer on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Breathometer, a breathalyzer that attaches to your smartphone, entered the Shark Tank in Season 5.

Heavy interviewed Charles Michael Yim, its founder and CEO, to see how the company has progressed since the show aired.

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1. It May Become the Most Successful Product in ‘Shark Tank’ History

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Since their appearance on the show, they have reached close to $10 million in revenue.

The company was valued at $5 million only 12 months ago and now it’s close to $60 million.

“We’re projected to do close to $26 million in revenue with four different products out in the market. If all goes well and with this new round of investment, we’ll easily be the most successful company ever in Shark Tank history,” Yim explained.

2. It Plugs Into Your Smartphone

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You can simply plug it into the audiojack of your phone.

The $49.99 product consists of an ethanol sensor, a chipset and a battery.

You must blow for 5 seconds at the LED illuminated hole and it will give you an immediate reading of your blood-alcohol level.

3. Medical Research Went Into It

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As a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Yim met Dr. Griffeth Tully through the school’s StartX program, a nonprofit for the university’s best entrepreneurs.

Tully serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Breathometer.

Besides Stanford, they partnered with the Cleveland Clinic which has the best breath lab in the world, to create the product.

4. It Started in Silicon Valley

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Yim, 3x serial entrepreneur, was inspired by Square – which attaches to phones to process payment.

“If you could attach a payment dongle to a smartphone, why not a biosenser for breath…starting with alcohol,” he said.

He is also the founder of Chatterfly and ProBuddy.

5. All 5 Sharks Invested in it Together For the First Time in History

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For the first time ever, all five sharks made the unprecedented move of investing all together.

They shelled out a combined $1 million for 30 percent of the company.

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