‘Chicago Fire’ Fall Finale Spoilers – Season 3

UPDATE: Tonight’s finale had fans up in arms with so many questions unanswered. Fear not, the show returns January 6, 2015.

Tonight is the fall finale of Chicago Fire and we’ve gathered all the possible spoilers we could find to prepare you for the big event. Tonight’s episode is called “Santa Bites” and the synopsis reads: A house fire puts a couple in danger; Dawson and Casey are pushed apart; the Chicago Holiday Fest gives Molly’s II a chance to shine. Carter Matt writes about what’s in store for the Chief on tonight’s episode:

We are also going to be seeing a very terrible circumstance for the Chief right when he prepares to be a father. This is going to be one of the most terrible situations that he’s ever dealt with, and this is a man who has dealt with quite a bit over the course of his entire life.

As far as Casey and Dawson, they may call it quits and a house fire goes wrong on the finale episode.