Drew Scott, ‘Property Brother,’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Drew Scott is half of the Property Brothers. He lives with his identical twin, Jonathan, in Vegas. They take us into their home in Property Brothers at Home.

Meet the younger twin by 4 minutes, Drew.

1. He’s a Realtor

After the brothers started investing in real estate, Drew went on to get his license.

Then they started getting pitched for TV shows.
“Actually, the first show, Drew was approached for a first show called Realtor Idol—basically American Idol for realtors. It was the dumbest idea ever. That show did not go [anywhere], but they liked him and heard he had a twin brother who was a designer and a contractor and the rest is history,” Jonathan explained to Parade.

Drew told the Las Vegas Sun, “As a Realtor, I do not work with clients outside the shows anymore. As much as I would love to, filming takes up the majority of my time, and it would not allow me to give the needed attention to local clients.”

2. He Has a Girlfriend


Drew is dating Linda Phan, who works for the brothers as Creative Director of Scott Brothers Entertainment. He told the W Network, “My girlfriend and I have the same sense of humor and love to laugh every day. Getting out of the home office is step one for a good date.”

Marriage may in the be in the near future for the lovebirds. In an interview with Your Tango, when asked about wedding bells, he said, “Not sure yet! But when you are with a woman as amazing as her…you don’t wait too long.”

3. His Brothers Call Him ‘The Robot’


Drew explained him monicker:

Jonathan and my other brother JD nicknamed me “The Robot.” They say I’m all business. We were actually just in London for the Olympics and in Paris and then in Scotland. We would go out all day and look at the castles and, in Paris, we were seeing all the sights and at the Olympics we were going to all the events and hanging at the Canada and US Olympic houses. At night, I would go on my computer to work at 4 or 5 in the morning.

4. He’s a Health & Fitness Guy

You can find him in the gym four to fives times a week.

His fridge is filled with protein shakes and supplements.

He also practices a gluten-free lifestyle, and told Real Style New York, “A lot of people think that I’m allergic to gluten, but I’m actually not. It’s just that I have sensitivities. I took 4 years of kinesiology. I studied the body, I took nutrition courses. In college it was great because I took a massage course, and then all the women in my field wanted me to practice on them, so it was great.”

He told the Vegas Sun, “However, I am a total fitness and health junky. I spend a lot of time playing sports and working out.”

5. He Lives With Jonathan in Vegas

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The boys live in Las Vegas, close to their older brother, JD.

When Drew isn’t on the road, he lives there with his girlfriend on a separate floor from Jonathan. “Jonathan is here a couple of times a month, and I’m only here a couple of times a year,” he told People.

The Today show featured some before-and-after shots.

Besides having a swim-up bar in their pool, they also have a sword collection to pay homage to their Scottish roots.

He told iVillage, “I’d say for me, Vegas is good home. But I would even say Paris — my girlfriend really likes it and it would be a great place for a spring or summer home.

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