Eve Drop- Christmas Light Hangers on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Eve Drop, a company that devised a new type of year-round Christmas light hangers, enters the Shark Tank on December 12.

Heavy interviewed president Nathan Shaffer. Here’s what he told us.

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1. The Idea Came When Nathan Was Asked to Take Down the Christmas Lights

Eve Drop Christmas Lights Hanger | AS SEEN ON SHARK TANKThis Shark Tank Christmas Special Episode 614 features one of the quickest ways to hang Christmas Lights, and then store the lights away in record time. We’ll sort of. Instead of taking down your Christmas lights only to do it again next year, The Eve Drop conveniently raises the lights up and hides them under…2014-12-10T03:23:20.000Z

Shaffer said his wife asked him to remove their lights, and that’s when he had the brainstorm.

“I really didn’t feel like getting on a ladder climbing up all over the house to do it,” he said. “Also I noticed that the Christmas lights cast a nice little glow up against the home and I wondered if there was a way to take advantage of that ambient lighting effect. So I started work on developing a product that could hide your lights and store them up in your eaves while providing ambient lighting for special occasions.”

After the initial installation of the Eve Drop, your lights can be tucked away under the eaves of the house for use the following year.

2. They Can Be Used Year-Round as Backlighting

Eve Drop allows customers to use the eaves on their home to protect lights from elements like wind, rain and sun.

In this position, the lights produce a backlighting ambient effect, which can be used for any occasion throughout the year.

3. This Is the First Christmas They’re Available in Stores

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The first store to put this product on shelves was Do it Center, located in Southern California.

Eve Drop also teamed up with local Boy Scouts to help assemble the light hangers as a way to raise money for Scout camp.

4. You Can Raise & Lower the Lights Without a Ladder

eve drop

The Eve Drop Pole Adapter lets you raise and lower the lights behind the eaves without a ladder.

“It actually wasn’t until months later that we developed a second product that could be used in conjunction with the Eve Drop slideable light hangers to raise and lower the lights while standing safely on the ground. That was when the eve drop pole adapter first began,” Shaffer said.

eve drop, christmas light hangers, shark tank christmas lights

5. He Thought ‘Shark Tank’ Was a ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Experience

The Henderson, Nevada, resident auditioned for the show in Las Vegas.

Of his reality show experience, Shaffer said:

There’s a lot that rests on that one brief moment and you can feel it. There’s nervousness, there’s excitement, and an anticipation that doesn’t allow for much opportunity to sleep for the few days before. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get that level of exposure for a New innovative product and to have a shot at making a deal with a shark.

Interested in Eve Drop? Buy the products or read customer reviews here.

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