La Tasha McCutchen Wins ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ 2014 Finale

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Tonight was the 200th episode of Hell’s Kitchen, but also the 2014 finale of the show and the winner was … La Tasha McCutchen.

Here’s how it all went down … Jennifer stumbles a bit in dinner service, but makes up for it. Bryant gets a little frantic as items are sneakily swapped out for others in order to trip up the chefs. However, he’s able to catch each trick. With four chefs in the mix, Chef Gordon Ramsay had to narrow it down to two chefs to compete in the final challenge. Chef Jennifer Salhoff was the first one sent packing. The second chef eliminated was Sade.

For their challenge, Bryant and La Tasha headed to Palm Springs for a relaxing day as a reward. Upon returning to the airport, the two contestants were tricked and realized they were in front of a live audience, including all their loved ones. For the final challenge, each chef had to create five unique dishes.

Bryant Gallaher is 30 years old, married, with a daughter named Windsor Ann Gallaher, so the cash prize and job as head chef in Atlantic City would definitely benefit his family. When speaking with Bryant, he gave us some background on himself, telling us:

I’ve been cooking for 15 years now, worked my way up from a dishwasher to an executive chef over the years. I’ve been working at most of the well-known restaurants and hotels in Virginia Beach. “There are no elevators to success, you must take the stairs,” is a favorite quote of mine. I currently have a private chef business I just started, featuring anything and everything you can think if for any special event.

La Tasha McCutchen is a kitchen supervisor from Winter Haven, Florida, who has stayed consistent throughout the season.

Each of the two finalists choose a few of their former fellow contestants to help them in the kitchen. Prior to dinner service, each chef has to present their dishes to Ramsay for approval. Ramsay felt that Bryant’s dishes were full of flavor. Ramsay was not a fan of a lot of La Tasha’s dishes, making her second-guess her decisions.

Stars including Aisha Tyler and Margaret Cho were in the dining room for the finale, which had to have added pressure to the chefs. Fernando repeatedly messed up the fish in La Tasha’s kitchen, she made an executive decision to remove him from his station. Frank, on Bryant’s team, had a few hiccups as well and Bryant eventually kicked him out of the kitchen.

In the end the competition went to La Tasha McCutchen.

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