WATCH: Full Audio ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Podcast With Vince McMahon

Once WWE RAW came to a close last Monday (December 1, 2014), something unprecedented and shocking occurred on the WWE Network.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin brought viewers a live and exclusive edition of his awesome podcast. His guest? WWE CEO and his most stored rival during the lauded Attitude Era, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Austin didn’t hold back, as promised, and hit the boss with several hard-hitting questions that many wrestling fans looked to ask themselves. We found a full audio version of this controversial interview.

Vince McMahon CM Punk

In a pretty revealing moment, Vince apologized to CM Punk over the way his firing was handled (as quoted by

He apologized for firing CM Punk on his wedding day, saying that it was a coincidence that Punk got his severance papers that day. McMahon said that Punk lacks communication skills and is a “loner” and that he hopes that he and Punk will be on the same page again sometime in the future and work together again. Vince said he did not listen to the whole CM Punk podcast but heard about some of what was said. McMahon said he only wants what is best for business and would be open to working with Punk again.

Give it a good watch/listen and see how you feel about McMahon’s opinions on the current WWE product, locker room and overall landscape of sports entertainment.

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