Matt McAndrew Takes On ‘The Voice’ 2014: Top 5 Competition

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Matt McAndrew is definitely a front-runner on the singing competition The Voice. He’s been a fan favorite for his voice as well as his goofiness and sincerity. McAndrew describes his singing style to NBC Philadelphia, saying:

I’m in this category now where I like to do sort of a juxtaposition of more of a growly, high-end, more like rock thing, but then I also like to do the softer-, sweeter-type of stuff too. So, it’s sort of like a mix of both.

McAndrew has said how blessed he feels to have made it this far on the show since he was just hoping to make it a couple episodes. What McAndrew really wants to do is to thank his fans for his success on the show. He stated:

I think every good artist knows and appreciates their fans. But, the particular format that I’m in right now, it’s so obvious that the fan support is the only thing that is keeping me here … that has me here. These people work their butts off when it’s time to vote on the show. I put in my work during the week and I sit back and watch my song climb up the charts. They’re all on the app, they’re on email, they’re on everything. I just really appreciate all the seriously hard work (the fans) put in.

Cross your fingers and keep voting for McAndrew as he battles for the win on The Voice 2014. And, for more information on McAndrew, check out the below links:

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