‘Nashville’ Midseason 3 Finale Spoilers

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Tonight is the midseason finale for the TV show Nashville in its 3rd season and the episode is titled “First To Have A Second Chance.” Luke and Rayna are getting ready for their wedding day and the official synopsis of the episode reads:

When Luke finally returns home after wrapping up his Moon or Shine Tour just days before he and Rayna tie the knot, Rayna starts to feel conflicted about leaving their kids to go out on the road again, especially after she discovers that Luke has been making parenting decisions without her. Meanwhile, Will invites Layla on tour in an effort to keep her close but when he sees her flirting with his boss at a party, he begins to feel like he’s losing control of their situation. Then, Teddy uses his Mayoral powers to track down a recent flame and Sadie crosses paths with an unexpected ex. Later, after getting some advice from his mom, Avery makes an unexpected decision.

Tonight, it’s revealed that the character Sadie is “running from something.” Rolling Stone writes:

Tonight’s Nashville mid-season finale promises to shed a little more light on Sadie and her troubled relationship with her ex-husband as she also makes her transition from behind-the-scenes songwriter to full-fledged artist.

Actress Laura Benanti adds:

In the second part of her career she’s trying to be brave, and I really relate to that. There comes a time when you’ve got to say, ‘I’m going to stop trying to please other people and doing stuff for other people. I’m going to do it for myself.’


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