Natalie Anderson Wins ‘Survivor’ 2014 Finale

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(Monty Brinton -CBS/Twitter)

Tonight was the finale of Survivor and one contestant took home the million-dollar prize. So, who was the winner? Natalie Anderson.

There have been countless fights, injuries, and strange moments throughout this season of Survivor. After 35 days, six players were left and Natalie flipped the script on Jon, who had an idol in his pocket, and he was sent home. Five contestants are left. Missy Payne and Baylor Wilson are the only two loved ones left. Then, there’s Jaclyn Schultz, Natalie Anderson, and Keith Nale. Jaclyn is dealing with her boyfriend Jon being sent home and she snaps at the others about their decision to back-stab him.

Missy’s foot is fractured and despite this, Baylor, Natalie and Missy are trying to make it to the final three together. The first challenge for the final 5 was to play for an advantage. Missy was unable to compete in the challenge, but she was still in the game. Keith Nale wins the challenge and receives an advantage for the next Immunity challenge, that he is to find out about in private. As for who Keith picks to go to exile island, Keith decides to send Jaclyn. Keith receives a model of the next challenge, where he can practice how to do it over and over until he gets it perfectly. This gives him a huge advantage and he ends up winning the Immunity challenge, which guarantees him a spot in the final four.

When it came to voting out another player at tribal council, the tables were turned. Jaclyn appeared to be convinced she was going home and so were the others. However, she had schemed with Natalie, who had an idol. After each player had voted, Natalie revealed her idol and said to Jaclyn, “Did you vote for who I told you to vote for?” Jaclyn replied with a “yes.” Natalie then used her idol to save Jaclyn. And so, Baylor was sent home. It was a truly epic blind-side.

In the next Immunity challenge, Natalie’s goal is to win with Jaclyn so they can get rid of Keith. Jaclyn struggles with her energy in the challenge and takes a big fall, but she doesn’t quit and ends up winning. This scores her a spot in the final three. This leads Jaclyn to debate voting out Natalie even though Natalie saved her from elimination. She feels that Natalie has such strong strategies that she would be tough competition. Since Natalie had Missy’s daughter voted off the show, Jaclyn realizes Missy would definitely go along with her to blind-side Natalie. Keith ends up getting eliminated.

At the final tribal council, the contestants have to plead their cases on why they should win the competition and former contestants judge them. Former contestant Reed called Missy the wicked step-mother and carried out a long, well-thought-out rant about her flaws throughout the game. The jury then votes to decided which of the three contestants will win the million dollars.

The votes were read aloud live, back in the states in front of viewers, making the contestants wait to see who the winner was this season.

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