Ryan Busbice, ‘Country Bucks’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ryan Busbice is one of the main stars on the reality TV show Country Bucks, alongside his brother Matt and the rest of his family. Busbice is a co-owner of Wildgame Innovations, along with other companies including Flextone Game Calls and Barnett Crossbows. Read on for all the facts on this business man who’s made a fortune doing something he loves.

1. Laura Busbice Is Ryan’s Wife

Ryan Busbice is a married man to wife Laura and has three kids, who we’ve seen his brother Matt babysit on their show. Busbice’s children are Noelle, Madeline and Christian.

2. He Used To Be On a Show Called Wildgame Nation TV

Country Bucks isn’t the first show that the Busbice family has been on. In 2007, Ryan, his brother Matt, and his dad were on their reality show Wildgame Nation TV. The Outdoor Channel writes:

Wildgame Nation is a reality hunting show that takes an inside look at a dad and two sons running a real American outdoor company. This show documents the lives of Bill, Matt and Ryan Busbice with a reality-style approach that shows them hunting, traveling and working together.

The site continues to talk about Ryan’s background as well as his contributions to the show:

Ryan grew up in Lafayette, LA and attended the University of Louisiana at Laffayette where he received a degree in Business Administration. After college Ryan and his brother Matt experimented with making high nutrition deer feed and successfully launched Wildgame Innovations with the help of their father, Big Bill.

3. Busbice Is Proud Of Where He’s From

In an interview with The Advertiser, Busbice talked about how proud he is of his background and where he’s from:

I’m very proud of where I am from. I think a lot of people are, but I think Lafayette is a special place. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled around the world, and there’s not a lot of better places.

4. Matt Busbice And Brother Ryan Have a Love-Hate Relationship

Like most siblings, Ryan Busbice and his brother Matt don’t always get along. While Ryan is more reserved, Matt hates being behind a desk, so it’s often up to Ryan to reel in his brother. Ryan explains:

Matt and I are polar opposites in a lot of ways. I tell people all the time, ‘I’m the oldest 35-year-old alive, and he’s the youngest 33-year-old alive.’ I’m organized and structured. He tries to unorganize me and has no structure. We butt heads, but at the same time we balance each other out.

For more information on Matt Busbice, check out the below link:

5. Ryan Has A Reported Net Worth Of $5 Million

Ryan Busbice’s reported net worth is $5 million. His father Bill Busbice is the serious millionaire though, with a net worth of $100 million. Bill Busbice made his money in the oil business. Celebrity Net Worth writes:

Busbice earned his initial fortune in the oil business. He sold his first company for a small fortune and used the proceeds to launch a trucking business. The Busbice family also has been able to acquire a timber company which included a 55,000 acre property in Northern Louisiana. The family subsequently built a luxury hunting lodge on the property which caters to fellow wealthy hunting enthusiasts.

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