‘Sleepy Hollow’ Finale Spoilers: Who Will Die Tonight?


Twitter is going crazy over Orlando Jones’ character Irving, who is supposedly dead.

Tonight is the season 2 finale of Sleepy Hollow and reports are that one of the show’s beloved characters won’t make it to season 3. The finale episode is titled “The Akeda” and the synopsis reads:

Unforeseen sacrifices must be made and loyalties are put to the ultimate test in the fight against evil.

As for all the spoilers for tonight, check out everything we could find and try to figure out which character will leave the show. The Christian Post writes:

A report from Entertainment Weekly indicated that in tonight’s episode, the duo will deal with the “departure of a beloved character” and that fans should expect a “very surprising final twist.” With Moloch and Henry teaming up, anything could happen.

As for who may bite the dust on the finale, CP continues:

Hawley (Matt Barr) who will be saying goodbye. Other sources suggested that it could also be Frank (Orlando Jones), given his issues with Henry. TVLine, meanwhile, cited the tease from lead star Nicole Beharie saying, “This is what we’ve been waiting for. I hope everyone’s ready. Lace up your bootstraps.”

TV Guide also reports:

While the team is forced to juggle a lot of villainous pieces in the midseason finale, for the first time in this war Abbie and Ichabod stand a real fighting chance of taking down Moloch now that they’ve obtained the Sword of Methuselah. Only, as previously reported, there is a caveat to use the weapon: in order for the sword to work, it must extract the soul from the user. This means that if Abbie and Ichabod want to use it to kill Moloch, someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to do so.

Co-executive producer Albert Kim tells TV Guide:

Crane and Abbie will realize they have to present a united front as witnesses, because the only way that they can take on Henry and Moloch is by presenting a strong front, being the heroes that they’re meant to be. And really, it’s the power that they find in each other that allows them to defeat the villains. Henry has proven that he is clearly on the side of evil. He is the Horseman of War. He’s the servant of Moloch. And yet, if he has a soft spot at all, it’s Katrina, his mother. She is our way to reach him, and if there’s any hope of having Henry either repent or turn against Moloch, it’s going to come from Katrina.