WATCH: Stephen Colbert Reacts to ‘Star Wars VII’ Trailer

VideoVideo related to watch: stephen colbert reacts to ‘star wars vii’ trailer2014-12-03T10:47:56-05:00

Watch as the Colbert Report‘s ever charismatic and entertaining host, the legendary Stephen Colbert himself, breaks down the brand new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII. Colbert explains how he was a Star Wars fan two weeks before everyone else thanks to a radio station contest he won, so he knows best. He puts fandom and geeks alike in their place by lecturing on the scientific intricacies of lightsabers and how the newest three-pronged lightsaber is completely practical and if you say otherwise, you’re of course wrong. And last, but not least, Colbert expresses his utter and giddy excitement for the next trilogy in the Star Wars saga. Segments and skits like this will be missed once the Colbert Report comes to its impending finale.

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